Mt. Cook and The Briars 2017

Year 6’s first week in December will be one to remember!

After an adventure filled Wednesday taking part in Tudor themed activities at Mt. Cook, they boarded the coach and ventured to the edge of the Peak District for a 3 day retreat at The Briars in Crich!

Our stay was filled with brand new, special experiences: we grew in independence, confidence and friendships. The pictures speak for themselves…



  1. I loved the briars and mt.cook. at the briars I met lots of new people and made lots of new friends. That was something that I would never forget.

  2. It was really fun to be there I learned I had more strengths then I realised such as, be away for two nights, gained more independence and walked further then I thought I could

  3. This term i couldn’t wait until the briars my brothers and sisters who used to go, and they have told me alot about it. It has made me alt more excited, then finally the best time i year 6 came in place. The day my dreams came true and learning more things in activities! I have meat new friends and gained alot of confidents in the past 3 days!

  4. My first time a the Briars was excellent😄! I loved doing all the fun activities especially the disco. I enjoyed doing the Tudor activities. My favourite was archery.

  5. I really enjoyed this trip. It was a great experience. The room checks were very funny in our room. On the 1st night, we sang a mashup of The 2 Nights of Briars and a rap about how tidy our room was. The 2nd and 3rd were probably the best because we did a mission impossible theme to impress Miss Lee and Mrs Doherty and Miss Ferrara, Mrs Maylard-Mason and Miss Cotter. And on the 4th and final performance, we sang about the snow that had fallen outside on Friday morning. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I know that we all would like to thank all of The Briars staff and our teachers for taking us and looking after us. 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed Mount Cook and the Briars! I made nine new friends at the Briars and I knew lots of people’s names. I shared a room with Meghan, Kaitlin and Evanna and I loved the disco!👗👔😜 Thankyou for an amazing trip to Mount Cook and the Briars Miss Lee an Mrs Doherty, I loved it!

  7. This was my favorite trip of all times as we got new responsibilities and got to make new friends. At the Briars instead of saying our pray we sung it! Every meal the team leaders would teach us how to do it. We also had often room checks and some of us were very creative by make dances up, songs and even raps!

  8. This visit was so fun, I would gladly go on it again😂😂we got to meet a lot of new friends which gave me a lot of confidence.

  9. I had a great time at Mount Cook and The Briars was such an amazing, life-changing experience! My favourite part of Mount Cook was the den building. My group made a strong and stable shelter big enough to fit us all in. My favourite thing in the Briars was definitely the disco. We all had fun dancing.

  10. The briars was so fun I enjoyed it so much. I loved mount cook as well. I am so sad that I had to leave the briars because the members of the staff were really kind and because I loved my room at the briars.

  11. The Briars was such an amazing experience. We got to try exciting and new activities whilst making many friends along the way. I hope we will see our friends from Our Lady and St. Edwards again in secondary school!

  12. Mount Cook was really fun because we got to do activities we never did before. The briars was a brilliant opportunity for me to grow more independent but I had a chance to bond with other people. The Briars helped me because I became more open and confidant towards other people. At the start of Briars I was nervous to meet new people but I gradually started to feel more and more comfortable.

  13. Going to Mt Cook and Briars was one of my favourite times in the whole of year 6 so far, I’ve made so many friends and made lots of memory’s there!

  14. Thank you Miss Lee and all the member of staff! This has been the most AMAZING TIP IV’E EVER BEEN ON! I loved making new friends and sleeping . The only thing i didn’t like was leaving ): but… THANK YOU! 😀

  15. I really enjoyed the mount Cook trip because we got to do things that would have been done in the Tuder Times and my favourite part was car building ,it was fun because we had to build our own cars out of wood and then race them.

    I really enjoyed the briars trip because we got to make new friends and play really good games. My favourite part was the disco because we got to have some fun and the game bungalow was fun. I liked the game because one person picked a random person to do a move and then we had to Copy the move.

  16. The briars was the most amazing Catholic retreat I have been on! but that is not saying much because I have only been on one! But still!

  17. I really enjoyed both aspect of our trip. First of all Mount cook was a great experience as we got to do the things jst wud have taken place during the Tudor times. The thing I enjoyed the most was building a car out of wood and have races. The second part was the briars which was an amazing experience . It was full of fun games and activities which helped us make new friends. I enjoyed the disco the most as it was an exciting experience and everyone had fun. I also enjoyed the Bungalow game which was interesting to me.

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