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How to make mud with different foods By Lewis

Have you ever wanted to try and make some mud with food? Well, if you do follow my step-by-step guide and use different ingredients such as crushed biscuits, melted chocolate and even cocoa powder!!

Here is how to make mud with a variety of ingredients:

First, add some cocoa powder and brown sugar to a cup. Then add some crushed biscuits to give it a lumpy effect along with some flour then mix together until all ingredients are fully combined. If needed add a little amount of water to give your mud a sticky and gooey feel!

How to make super sticky mud using a substance called Oobleck:

1)  Add water to a cup (fill about a quarter of the cup)

2) Put 4 tbsp of baking powder into the cup and stir for about 50 seconds.

3) Add another 4 tbsp of baking SODA into the mixture

4) Stir for 1-2 minutes until texture is thick.

There you now have Oobleck and this will act as a solid when you come in contact with it fast but as a liquid if you come in contact with it slowly. This can sometimes be what happens with mud.

Thank you for reading my guide on how to make mud!! And remember, always ask an adult before raiding the kitchen cupboards!

Do you have any fun recipes like the above?

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