My Talent!

My Talent is gymnastics, I started when I was 7 years old. I have been able to commit to this sport weekly where I’ve been able to improve on my strength and flexibility.

I started on badge 8 but as I have progressed in gymnastics I am currently on badge bronze practicing on getting my badge silver. Before I started gymnastics I knew many basic skills and the lower badges were easier to achieve. Now that I have been training towards the more elite badges they have challenged me in several ways, which has pushed me to try and learn new skills: front handsprings, back handsprings and walking handstands.

Throughout my time in gymnastics I have learnt many skills recently: a front flip, a somersault; a front handspring, handstand roll and many more!

I would definitely recommend gymnastics as a sport for anyone that’s interested. Every is welcome and you’re able to make new friends.

I’d be interested to read what other talents people have, or would to answer any questions you have about gymnastics!




    • I enjoyed writing this blog. This is because I could express my love for gymnastics! From then I am still eager to learn more gymnastics.I have increased my fear (hurting myself or breaking a bone) from my coaches that push me to go the next level and use my talent!

  1. Well done Luna I can see you love gymnastics and your amazing at it. I also use to do gymnastics and I know it’s not an easy sport and I can tell you try your hardest and I can’t believe how far you have got by doing this sport! Well done Luna!

  2. Good for you Luna hope you get better and better at your gymnastics and flexibility
    Be positive
    Get better
    I believe in you the class believes in you
    Push yourself
    You can get really better just need to try harder and harder and we’re all here to help you.

  3. Luna It is obvious that you are really good in the sport gymnastics.It is really clear that you enjoy gymnastics a lot and is trying really hard to achieve higher badges in gymnastics.

  4. First I would like to say a very big well done Luna and I hope that you are successful with your talent, and I also like gymnastics and I have learnt a lot from some very incredible people in the year 6 classroom!

  5. 2) I really like how Luna mentioned that she was committed to this sport weekly because it is showing that that may be the mission that God has set for her.

    3) I think that Luna has inspired may others to learn the sport that she has explained for everybody to see. This means she has led others to success!

  6. I love to show people how much I can show my talent and I love to dance I love to sing and I love helping others feel good and make theme happy no matter what happens God is there with me and if I am in sickness my sickness may sever him and if I am in sorrow my sorrow may serve him I’m a link In a chain.
    From Ashleyo

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