1. Wow, Year 2! What a performance! Year 6 really loved your actions to complement the words. Your description of ways to be brave was so inspiring, especially the line about falling over and getting straight back up! Such resilience!

    Our favourite poems range from ‘Cloud Busting’ to ‘The Jabberwocky’ to ‘The Tyger’!
    Poetry makes us sometimes feel relaxed, sometimes calm, happy but also sometimes confused! 🙂

    Roald Dahl is one of our all-time favourite poets. He is so clever in the way he uses language.

    Thank you for the lovely video celebrating National Poetry Day!

  2. We loved the message behind the poem to be brave and if you’re feeling alone, give yourself a hug. We especially liked your actions to bring your poem to life. Amazing job – keep it up!

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