1. I cannot wait to enter the naming contest, I already have a great idea! I hope that I win as many stars for my house and lead them to victory! When I first found out that we had two hens, I didn’t believe it! When I first saw them for myself, I was amazed! I never thought that we would have something as EPIC as this at our school!

  2. This school never stops getting better. I want to welcome the new members of the Blessed Robert community…..The chickens: Scrambles and Peckadilly. Since they have arrived, they have really brightened up the school and the moods of those who visit them.

  3. I love the chickens, they are so nice to look after! We clean them out every week which is the best job in the world! We love the chickens in this school and on visiting days the other children make up rhymes to sing to them because chickens love to be spoken too you know!

  4. I have enjoyed acting out the trial of the Prodigal Son, mixing role paly with RE.
    Here is my work ….

    The Trial of the Prodigal Son
    Closing Speech

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, we are gathered here today to witness the trail of the Prodigal Son. This young man is charged with theft and betrayal this trial should have never come to court because there is no proof that he has committed these crimes. In fact, the evidence suggests that he is innocent!

    I urge you to look further into the testimonies of the witnesses. You now need to carefully consider all the evidence you have heard today to help you reach a verdict of not guilty.

    It is clear that this case should never have come to court because there is insufficient evidence to show that my client is guilty. Take into account that he did not steal money from his father, instead he asked him politely if he could have his share of the farm that he had worked on all his life. Are these the actions of a guilty man?

    I urge you to reach a verdict of not guilty! Members of the jury, my client is not guilty of theft! You do not want to go home today thinking that you have just put an innocent man in prison! In conclusion, you should save this man from a sentence in prison. The Prodigal Son is not guilty.

  5. I cant believe that I won the naming contest! I must say, Peckadilly is the weirdest name ever! I dont know how I came up with it! The hens are so cute and are loved by all of the school! I cant even begin to explain how this school is improving!

  6. I love to see the chickens especially scramble (the brown chicken) because she is more patient and gentle, however she never scrambles! Peckadilly is like a queen of the barn, she’s also the boss of Scramble.

  7. I can’t believe it, Year 6 won the spooky story competition. We all worked very hard to win. Remember when you work do it for kindness not the righteousness and most importantly WORK AS A TEAM, the quote is made by me. We are all waiting in anticipation for who are the individual winners. They will be awarded for the best creative. I joined in and I was creative with mine!

  8. My best chicken is scrambles because she is nice and gentle also she lets you stroke her because I had that experience today however Peckadilly is the naughty one she bites your fingers (it really hurts) and she won’t let you stroke her and she messes up the bark in our Jubilee Garden.
    Scrambles = brown chicken
    Peckadilly = golden chicken

  9. Thank you everyone who put their idea into the competition. Even if didn’t win, it’s great you tried.

  10. Congratulations to Zoe who won the spooky story competition. She had beautiful presentation with blood dripping at the end- don’t worry just artificial.

  11. The chickens are amazing and we get fresh eggs. Though cleaning them out is a messy and smelly job!

  12. Message from Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

    It appears that your head teacher does the cleaning out of the chicken habitat. Am I correct in this assumption?

  13. Sorry Mr Wesche but our class (year 6) do the cleaning. You may think this is yucky however it is not too bad! For some reason everyone wants to do this job!

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