Our Victorian Tea Party!

In Year 2, we have been studying the Victorians. There were big differences between how the rich and the poor lived their life in the Victorian era. This was obvious when we looked at what rich and poor Victorians ate. Poor Victorians would eat very plain meals (such a gruel – which we tried on our Victorian day). Rich Victorians would eat lots of different foods and try lots of different flavours.

We took on the role of rich Victorians and made Victorian tarts (mini quiches). We thought about what ingredients we could add to a very simple recipe. We choose ingredients like peppers, ham, cheese and tomatoes.


  1. This Victorian tea party looks very fun, I bet you had fun year 2 you all are very talented cook. They look delicious.

  2. It looks like you had a great time Year 2! Your assembly about the Victorians was amazing! You really taught us about the life of a Victorian.

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