Jesus Joyfully Enters Jerusalem!

Hello Year 2!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday, there is a procession into Church, which remembers the story of Jesus going into Jerusalem. This is the start of the Easter Story.

The people of Jerusalem had no idea Jesus was about to die. They were excited he had come. They wanted to see him, to praise him, and to welcome him. One person at a time, word spread around town.

People were cheering Jesus and waving palm branches as Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  Palms were easy to get hold of, as there were lots of palm trees in the Holy Land where Jesus lived.

Click on the image below to read the scripture:

Then watch this video…

Your challenge:

Write a newspaper report about the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. If you want to read an example of a newspaper report, click here:

Y2 Newspaper Recount Example Text

The main things you need to remember are to: use a catchy headline at the top of your newspaper report; write in paragraphs so that the different parts of the story are clear and report the facts (don’t make anything up)!

You should also include pictures because people like to see pictures of the event. You could draw Jesus on a donkey or you could draw a picture of the crowds waving palms.

Good luck with your writing challenge – let me know how you get on!

If you need any help, please let me know!

Miss Cotter 🙂



  1. Hello year 2 the things your learning about seem very intresting and miss cotter i liked watching your obstacle course

    • Thank you Hayley! We do like learning to be interesting!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the obstacle course. It did make me laugh when I watched it back!
      I hope you’re enjoying your Easter holidays – maybe you’ll have time to finish reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone!
      Stay safe and happy,
      Miss Cotter x

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