PCSO visit!

Our most recent visitor was Leanne – a PCSO in Nottingham!

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the difference gangs and real friends, as well as the law around different crimes. More than anything, we learnt some strategies we can used when faced with difficult decisions as we grow up!


  1. Year 6 learnt that you are safer with friends than a gang because with friends they will always have your back and help you whereas with a gang they will pretend to be your friends and get you gifts but then force you to do something that you don’t want to do.

  2. I am so glad that the PCSO came to visit brw because I learnt so many things about gangs and knifes and I know now what to do if I am in a situation with these sort of things. We learnt the difference between gangs and friends. Gangs hang out to do bad things whereas friends are together to have fun. I also am less scared and know the laws now that they have came.

  3. Thankyou Miss Lee for letting us have a PCSO come into school and advice us on how to keep safe and to make good choices.

  4. Having the PCSO visit us was really helpful. It taught me a lot of strategies on how we could face difficult situations.😆👮

  5. I really enjoyed the visit. it really inspired me and helped me to understand the danger and risks of gangs and knives!

  6. The PCSO visit really helped me to have more awareness of crime and gangs. It also helped me widen my knowledge about this subject.

  7. This was such a great and fun opportunity to learn about criminal gangs and what to do when you are possibly surrounded by them. We also had the chance to learn about the law against knives. You are only aloud to carry a knife if you need it for your job like a chef, it is part of your lunchbox and one religion ( which is Sikhism) that has special permission to wear a knife only for religious purposes and no harmful uses. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson as I was more aware and a bit more confident in what to do.

  8. It was really wonderful to learn all about criminal gangs and true friends. Also, we learnt that we can do anything to get out of a bad situation.

  9. This lesson helped us feel a lot more safer with gangs and made us feel less scared of them. Would you feel safer in a gang or a gang of friends?

  10. This was a fun experience to learn about knives and gangs! Leanne taught us a lot about knives and gangs and how to avoid them; now we know how to be safe around them.

  11. This was a fun experience to learn about knives and gangs! Leanne also taught us a lot about how to avoid them; now we know how to be safe around them.

  12. the PCSO visit i enjoyed listening to what not to do and what to do if there is a criminal gang around hanging out it will impact on my future.
    what have you learnt?

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