Perfecting Percentages!

This week, we have a ‘Math’s Masterclass’ from Merex!

This blog will teach you how to find out how to find a percentage of ANY number step by step!

Firstly, the word ‘percentage’ means ‘out of 100’ making 100 the full percent. When you are using percentages, the whole is considered to be made up of a hundred equal parts. The symbol % is used to show that a number is a percentage. Therefore, you can consider that a ‘whole’ would be split into 100 equal parts and each part is equivalent to 1%. To find out 10% of a whole, for example, 10% of 250 then you would divide the whole by 10. 10% of 250= 25. For 25%, you will need to divide it by 4 because 25×4=100 etc. 25% of 250= 62.5 . To find out 50% of a number, you divide it by 2 etc. 50% of 250= 1259.

Once you’ve learnt how to find out 10% of a number, you will be able to find 5% of a number. To do this, you will need to find half of 10% to get 5% because half ten is five etc. 10% of 250= 25 divide by 2= 12.5. To find out 1% of a number, you will need to divide the ‘whole’ by 100 because 1 goes into 100, 100 times. 1% of 250= 0.25. To find out 20%, 30%, 40% etc. you need to find out 10% of the number, then multiply that by the unit in the tens column. For example, 20% of 250= 10% of 250= 25 x 2= 50.

Finally, when you’ve mastered all of the previous percentage methods, you will be able to find out ANY percentage of ANY number. Partition the percentage into separate percentages that are easy to find out etc. 68% of 380= 10% of 380=38 x 6= 228= 1% of 380= 0.38 x 8=3.04= 228+3.04= 258.04

Now you have mastered percentages! This is a skill to use in normal life, for example shopping! You can help your parents figure a discount for an item that is on sale! Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚

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