Plant Reproduction

In order to reproduce and create offspring, plants need both a male and female cell, although some only need one parent to reproduce. This is because some plants include both male and female gametes

Different Parts of a Flower

Petals are often (but not always) brightly coloured and sweetly scented to attract insects such as bees.

Sepals are the small green leaves that are used to protect the unopened flower.

Stamens are the male parts of the flower that each consists of an Anther held up on a Filament.

The filament holds the Anther up.

Anthers produce male gametes (pollen grains).

Pollen Grains are the structures produced in the Anthers of a flower that contain a male gamete.

The Ovary produces the female sex cells that are contained in the Ovules.

Ovules are the structure produced in the Ovary of a flower that contains a female gamete.

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