Portal Stories – Published

Hello Year 4!

This is the place to craft your final portal stories in full for all to see and celebrate!

I can’t wait to read them and see how you have improved them.


  1. John was always a very curious person .One day John was trotting to school like everyone does when there young. Whilst john was trotting to school he found a unusual door engraved into the side of a house .John thought it was some ones door and trotted off.

    later that day John found the same door that was engraved into the house but this time in a tree! John thought “That’s odd that doors never been here being himself we open the door and found…

    A table full of his favourite foods like golden, shimmering cake, muffins with chocolate and pink, golden shimmering doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles!!!

    Soon he found a sign saying “Look where u shall but do not touch a dish”
    John walked further and found a bunch of tiny people serving food to other tiny people

    soon he found a golden apple. It smelt so good he was tempted to eat it with the temptation and the smell he ate it… Soon all the little people where chasing him because that was the food that only the greatest could have.

    when John escaped he still had the gold apple in his hand when he got home he placed the apple in his garden and a month later he had a tree that made more of the golden apples.


    • Hi Finley, well done for posting your whole story on here! It’s great to read and I’m so pleased that you have had chance to check the capitals of the proper nouns 🙂
      I love your use of the verb ‘trotting’ and the fact that the apple tree appears in your conclusion!

  2. Savion was a unusual and strange boy. When he was jogging down Monkey Road. Suddenly, a mysterious door caught his eye. It was a yellow and the door handle looked like a monkey’s head. Savion opened the strange door and a brown light blinded him. Then he saw a glass carpet and in it was fresh, yellow bananas.

    Inside the door, there was a magnificent, brown forest. Next to him, there were trees surrounded by banana’s and inside them there was glorious different types of food. Also inside the trees was a monkey serving it out to the other’s. The food all had tiny banana’s popping out of the dishes such as rainbow, banana cake and enormous nuts with a touch of banana at the side.

    He wandered further into the forest , following the glass carpet and found a monkey statue and inside of it was a note . It said, “Look were you wish, but don’t touch the inside of a tree!” he was confused and didn’t understand what the note meant!

    A little further onward, he found a tree made out of glistening banana’s and inside there was a brown and gold banana that shined like the sun. Also it smelt mouth watering and he took a bite because his mouth was dry and it tasted sweeter than anything in the universe with a mystical twist.

    Then he instantly remembered what he was told and at that very moment he heard a thousand , high pitch, annoying sounds. Savion very much didn’t like the sound and he picked up the seeds next to the banana, also he picked up the banana. Whilst clutching both items, he ran as quick as he could to the entrance. He arrived there just in time before he got caught and then he was back at his world.

    Two strange things happened when he got home. 1st he never saw the tree again and 2nd he planted the seeds, one of them grew into a tree made from banana’s, also the branches were silver and the leaves were yellow. Also, it grew the brown and gold banana’s. His friends said he always daydreamed.

    • Hi Savion,
      What an interesting, well structured story. You’ve listened carefully to advice – improve your use of apostrophes. Well done!
      I really like your description of the banquet – it made me hungry 🙂

  3. Ezra had always been interested in many things. One sunny afternoon, Ezra and her friend Lydia were playing aeroplanes and Ezra got shot into a portal wall. Lydia was confused when Ezra got shot into the different dimension. The wind blew Lydia towards the portal and she was trying to run away but she couldn’t so she just let the wind take her. Her last words before she went into the portal were,” I will not forget you world!”

    When they were both in the portal Ezra looked around and every way she looked there were piles of snacks and treats. She wanted to dig in but Lydia said,” Maybe this is a bad idea because this could be someone’s home.” Ezra shrugged her shoulders but she listened because Lydia could have been right. After that they explored some more and came across a glittery, purple penguin and the penguin said,” If you want to take a treat, you will be my raw meat!” Ezra and Lydia stared at each other and slowly crept away from the penguin.

    The girls kept on looking around the perimeter and discovered a golden, sparkly chocolate bar. They looked at it like they would at 1 million pounds and then they nibbled it bit by bit. After a little while, they had a little shiver in them and then remembered the penguin and then the warning. Ezra and Lydia froze on the spot when they remembered.

    After a few minutes, they ran as fast as they could and one ran onside and one ran the other and they looked for the portal wall. They couldn’t find the portal door but they found the chocolate bar again and took it with them. Ay last they found the way out and they went through. They felt the fresh air and felt back to normal.

    The girls skipped back home and when they got home, they brought the chocolate bar to their mums and they both said,” WOW, how did you get it?” The mums wanted their own so the next day the girls would go back to the place and get another one for their mums. The girls didn’t want to back but they needed to listen to their parents.

    Sadly, when they went back, they couldn’t go back in so it was like a onetime offer for the girls and they tried and tried and tried but they just but they just couldn’t get in. They went back home and explained the consequence and they understood and the two girls could still taste the chocolate in their mouths.

  4. Eagerly Archie started to explore the magical place that he had entered. Wearily he tiptoed, anxiously passed the colossal fearsome dragon. First he passed a room where tiny fairies, colourful unicorns and gnomes wearing red, pointy hats sat toasting golden marsh mellows on a burning, hot fire. The fire place was surrounded by a glowing, gleaming, gigantic mantel.

    Suddenly! something caught Archie’s eye! there in front of him was an half open door, through the crack of the open door, Archie was stunned by dazzling, sparking, golden light that shone as bright as the sun. Curiously Archie gently pushed the door open, and there behind the door stood a beautiful statue of a golden gnome. Unfortunately for Archie, he couldn’t resist and he reached out and stoked the magnificent statue, even though he had been told not to.

    At that very moment ,the golden statue began to rumble! it sounded like a volcano erupting! Archie could hear the screaming from the fairy’s and gnomes and then the loudest roaring sound filled the room , it was as loud as thunder! Archie could hear the stomping and roaring from the colossal dragon getting closer and closer to him, so Archie ran for the portal door as fast as he could , like a lightening bolt from the sky! Soon he reached the portal door , he quickly turned the handle and opened the door. Once he was on the other side he slammed the door shut with all the energy he had left. Thankfully Archie had made it back to the library just in time.

    • Hi Archie!
      Well done for publishing the next part of your story. You have used some tremendous adverbs throughout and your story is really action packed! I loved hearing about the dragon and how he chased you. It really made for a nail biting finish! 🙂

  5. Ben always wondered about something really strange that happened to him.Ben went for a morning jog until he spotted a week door whith a snake handle Ben went through the week door he spotted a dark sticky tunul Ben croled and found a deadend.Ben then looked on his left and found a other tunul on his left Ben cept coling, when he was at the end of the tunnel he saw a massive door.

    In massive door was a universe in space, Ben was in space inside a rich man’s space ship there was a banquet table that was two chocolate strawberry cream cake. And ten marshmallows sweet hot choclat.

    Also there was a massive coberd a golden apple shaped like the moon. and so many trophies “this is so COOL said Ben Ben discovered every thing.

    He discovered the end of the space ship the space ships do the bedroom. Ben was getting hungry so he ate the strawberry chocolate cream cake “yummy yummy yummy”said Ben and then he drank the hot choclat “yum yum yum”
    Ben said again.

    And when the space ship landed on the moon. Ben got his helmet and his gravity shut and Ben was on the moon he thought he was neal arm strong Ben had so much fun on the moon and he never wanted to go.

    When he was having fun on the moon he telopoted back to his boring universe it was like a video game when you just sporn back now the door is never to be seen.

    • Wow Benedict! You have been so busy! I’ve loved reading this story and seeing how you have tried hard to use capital letters and full stops more accurately. Well done. Keep working so hard 🙂

  6. Mystical Road
    Hayley was walking down mystical road, when a mysterious door in a wall caught her eye. It was blue with a handle shaped like the head of a unicorn. Hayley opened the blue door and immediately a bright, white light filled the sky.

    Inside the door, was a giant, crystal castle, it had exquisite flower beds beside the gates that shone in the sunlight. Inside the castle, was a gleaming chandelier that glowed as much as the brightest star in space. Also, was a enormous table with white tablecloth and lots of food. Cakes, cupcakes and all kind of foods! Champagne glasses stood next to every seat and red velvet cupcakes complimented the chocolate cake.

    On a napkin it said, “look where you want to but don’t touch anything white or blue!” So Hayley explored and observed everything and everything was fit for a princess!

    She found a big, bright blue, diamond necklace glimmering in the sun on the windowsill. She was so tempted that she forgot what she was warned and she put the necklace on. Immediately, a loud voice said, ” You have disrespected me and my kingdom so now YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    Hayley ran as fast as she could and ran from the loud voice but every twist she turned, the louder the voice got!

    She finally found her way to the exit of the castle and saw the blue door standing in the light. At that minute, Hayley jumped into the door and found herself in front of the big, brick wall on mystical road. The door had disappeared as if that magical land was all a dream.

    Still, Hayley had a little keepsake to remind her that, that world was as real as the sea was salty! The necklace, she had brought it home so she could remember that that other work exists…

  7. On a warm sunny day when Toby would come out in the garden to play football, he spotted a hole in the ground. Toby kicked the ball and it fell into the strange hole. He looked inside.

    Toby went inside the small, fairytale , colorful , flashing tunnel and at the end he saw a magic world, animals were speaking in human language. From far away, he saw a gigantic table with golden-shiny tablecloths, lot of food: biscuits, slushes, sandwiches, pizza, rainbow cup for juice, shiny glass, a plate and many more.

    The boy was very shocked and had no words because he never ever saw such a world. Such a world saw only in fairy tales …Toby stared and admired the fairytale world in which he found….

    He animals invited him over to spend the evening with them .Toby became friends with all the animals and have diner with them together…Toby looking at the massive,shiny clock on the big crystal castle and he say it is his time to get back to home.The boy saw thanks to all his new friends for fantastic time together and food.

    Bonny showed Toby a magic, pink door, Toby pulled the door and behind it he saw a shiny rainbow way. Toby asked his friend ” is this my way to get back home” all the animals shout “yes”. Toby says “thank you, ill see you tomorrow” and goes through the shiny way.

    Toby thinking every time about this magic word ,he cant wait to next day to come back again and see his new friends and words. Next day Toby come in the garden and the hole is disappeared never to be seen ever again .Toby want to remember this happen in his live and he take a big pieces paper and he drawing every think what he remember from the magic word. Toby drawing the picture for 3 days. He making massive picture and he save it to remember his magic time. Toby still hopes that some time he will meet his new friends in the magical world…

    • WOW! Lily you have crafted a tremendous story! Very well done.
      You listened carefully to advice and really improve the punctuation of this piece. I like your use of commas in a list and noun phrases like ‘fantastic time’ and ‘gigantic table’.
      I am so proud – I hope you are too 🙂

  8. Dwayne was always such a curious person. One day, as he woke up, he noticed a strange, unknown entrance after opening his large cupboard. Without thinking, he decided to enter the hallway filled with darkness as he began to shiver with fear. Was this the right choice?

    Suddenly, as wide as a modern garden, this place was filled with fantastic feasts and decorations! Near him, were loads of overwhelming, tasty foods on the banquet and areas filled with shimmering lights, the sweet scent of flowers and precious vases. He could also see delicate paintings hanging on the walls of this location.

    Peeping out of one of the decorations was a note. Then, he grabbed the note carefully, which was filled with moist soil, which said the following, “Look where you wish, but NEVER ruin a dish.”

    However, he soon forgot about these important rules. As Dwayne continued exploring the great, elegant corridor, he observed the shiny, spotless plates filled with quite unusual foods. He approached it.

    Without knowing, as he took a single bite, he made a simple mistake. He thought, “Was this supposed to happen?”. Trying to fix this problem, he heard irritating voices mocking him as Dwayne tried to escape this chaos. Soon, figures came closer to him and the voices’ volume increased while he tried escaping this place. This ‘dream’ was like a never-ending nightmare!

    Just in time, Dwayne managed to escape by travelling back into the mysterious, bizarre portal. Gladly, he managed to arrive back at his house even though he regret many things. He thought again, “Was this a dream? Or was it my imagination?”
    Daydreaming, Dwayne then heard a sound under his bed. He panicked for a bit, as he grabbed and viewed the note. It said: “You looked where you wish, but you shouldn’t have touched the dish.”

    Sorry if the ending seemed a bit confusing Mrs Henderson!

    • Hi Dwayne, Well done for writing your story here and including all the features we discussed. You have included clear paragraphs and interesting openers of each one. I like how you’re experimenting with speech too 🙂

  9. Once upon a time there was a man called Ryan and he was wandering in the woods when he saw a mysterious tree. He went up to it and seen it was actually a secret wooden door. As he entered through,he went in and seen a creepy forest with trees as big as a GIANT. It felt like they were spying on him… Crows were screeching soooo loud that it hurt his ears. It was like they were trying to warn him. He didn’t care but he also didn’t know what the crows were saying so he walked through and seen a creepy house. When he went through and saw a GIGANTIC table full of chicken, mouth-watering fruit, fancy fizzy water and a ENORMOUS CHOCLATE FUDGE CAKE! Ryan couldn’t resist looking at the glorious fancy food. BUT then he remembered what the crows were screeching about he knew if he should eat it or not. Slowly he reaches down for a chicken swiftly he takes a bite and it felt SOOO nice he ate all of it up. All of a sudden the crows invaded the house in swarms he was being attacked. He didn’t know he shouldn’t of ate it.He got out the house as fast as his feet could take him. When he got out he was frightened to open his eyes if he wanted to get out he had to be brave. He opened his eyes and seen a door. He ran so fast, he had never been so scared in his life! Suddenly he stumbles.. He is falling back through the wooden door. All of a sudden he was safe. What had happened had he dreamed the whole thing. He looked down and seen a crows feather, he picked it up and seen a message on it saying YOU SHOULDN’T OF TOUCHED SOMEONE ELSE’S CHICKEN, NEVER RETURN!

    • Wow Maia! You’ve written such an interesting, action packed story. Well done.
      You’ve used capitals and full stops more accurately in this published version and have included some excellent expanded noun phrases. 🙂

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