Problem Solving in Year 4 for NSPCC Number Day!

Year 4 really had their work cut out for them today when Mrs Henderson forgot the questions to their multiplication challenges!

Nevertheless, they  managed to use their secure understanding of multiplication facts and methods (perfected in class over recent weeks!)  to identify the questions themselves….using just the answers!

Each square contains missing gaps. To solve the problem identify numbers between 1 and 9 which could be placed in the gaps to create the end column or row total when multiplied.

Any ideas? You can only use each number once in each square….


  1. It was really challenging we worked the answer out by looking at the side number and the bottom number same for the other answers.

  2. we’ve been working especially hard to use our multiplication skills to work backwards in math to fill these fact boxes[which is shown above.]

  3. We really found it not to bad we worked the answer out by times a number by a number to get the right answer.

  4. This was a very fun activity for year 4 and we all really enjoyed it and it was a very hard task for us and i felt very puzzled and very confused when we were doing it was challenging

  5. The task was easy but when you went on the challenge it was tricky. You had to you your knowledge really hard but we got there in the end.You had to plus both of the 2 number in black.

  6. The task was easy but when you went on the challenge it was tricky. You had to use your knowledge really hard but we got there in the end.You had to plus both of the 2 number in black.

  7. This was really tricky to do but it was fun at the same time.Also I felt like I was in the learning pit and confused because you have to write the number in the box and match the number with another number making the numbers at the side and bottom.Also you can think of a more efficient to make it more quicker and easier.

  8. The task was a little challenging because you had to experiment with it so it took some time. We first had to look at the top row for example 45 we had to use our knowledge of times tables and we had to make sure it matched with the other column otherwise you would get it wrong. In the end we got the hang of it and finished the task. We had a challenge after the task and it made me think, it was really hard to do. The challenge that we got was to make up one of our own boxes with a red number of 12.The red number was made by the row added and the column added and the difference between the two numbers is the red number.

  9. I’m looking foward to the math competition,if you didn’t know already its where the 4 houses [MATTHEW,MARK,LUKE and jOHN.]i’m in MATTHEW by the way!we just did a math test and i got 10/10 marks!


  10. All of Year 4 had great time solving these tricky problems.We used a lot of math graffiti and even used a few Year 6 strategies, ssssshhhhhh dont’ tell them. Also we were stuck in the pit when Mrs Henderson said to create our own boxes,even she couldn’t work it out.

  11. In NSPCC number day, I have had a lot of fun with solving different math problems.I really enjoyed the red number challenge and finding out other year 6 strategies.At the end of the lesson i had a challenge a bit like this-create one of these with the red number 7. I was definitely in the learning pit! All around the sides of the paper was math graffiti and all sorts of crossings out from all our joyful thinking!

  12. In year 4 we have been learning to solve math problems. It was difficult and challenging because you had to use your knowledge of times tables but the good thing was that i was in the learning pit! My method was to use a bar model because it was a heuristic and a efficient way to help me solve the problem. I enjoyed doing this today and learning lots of different year 6 strategies!

  13. This was a really fun and challenging task for us on NSPCC Number day and it puzzled us when we had to figure out how you made a red number in the corner!Then the next bit was even harder because some of us had to make our own with a different red number.The red number that me and my partner Dylan had to make was 12!Just trust me 12 is literally impossible to make without the bottom or side numbers even ask Dylan about because he will probably say yes.

  14. First we have to look at the question, then try too use multiple factor pairs, but the factors have to equal to the ones below.

  15. first I calculated the numbers and x them then i checked the calculation on the bottom to see if that calculation worked and it did.

  16. Today we had to work out some problems that Mrs Henderson left in here house. First we had to guess, check and improve. When we found the answer we put the sum into the boxes so that we can make the numbers at the side and the red numbers are number that they are apart with.

  17. Firstly,we had to work out the numbers in the colums and then the rows but the numbers had to work in both ways and then we chose challenge worked out how the red numbers were made.

  18. First you put all of the numbers in column addition then you work out one side it might be 8+3=10 2+2=4 then you add both 10+4=14 then do the next column which might be 4+7=11 6+4=10 add them both 10+11=21 then take away 21-14=7 7-4=3.

  19. Mrs Henderson for got to bring the questions for us and we had to problem solve the questions with our partners.

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