Reactive Rockets!

Year 5 have been studying the topic of Mixtures and Solutions. We have been exploring solids, liquids and gases, and how they react to one another.

The definition of a chemical reaction is when two ‘reactants’ respond to each other to form a completely new substance known as the product.

The chemical reactions we explored was the reaction of an alka-seltzer tablet to water. When the two reactants meet one another, they form a new gas called Carbon Dioxide.

This was the experiment we conducted.

Don’t try this at home without an adult’s permission!

We thought of safety rules before we went outside and we had to make sure we stood a safe distance away from the rockets.  It was very exciting to watch!

Challenge questions:

What was our independent variable?

What was our dependent variable?

How did we ensure we conducted a fair test – what variables did we control?

What did our data suggest? What can we conclude from our investigation?

I hope you enjoyed this investigation, and learned lots about chemical reactions Year 5!


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