Reconciliation- Morning

Clergy and members of the catholic church inside a confession tent, before Pope Benedict XVI celebrated a Mass at Nationals Park in Washington. Photo by Brooks Kraft/Corbis

On the 5th of December we continued celebrating Advent by taking part in a reconciliation service. We were joined by Farther Wilfred who led us in prayer. We really enjoyed taking time out to be able to have a personal time to encounter Jesus. We really enjoyed seeing the prayer focus and Advent wreath!

We all had a stone which represents when we stumbled or fall, we held them whilst we were praying and when we were ready we placed at foot of the manger we had the option to go to Farther Wilfred and to wash away our sins. Fr Wilfred is really friendly and helps us with our own faith.

This Advent how are you going to prepare for the coming of Jesus? Let us know what you are doing this Advent!

Logan & Alanah

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