Saving The Day For Percy At The Orchard!

Half of the children from Foundation Stage visited the Percy the Park-Keepers house yesterday and it’s a good job they did!

Percy had had a terrible nights sleep because all of his woodland creature friends kept waking him up and asking for a sleepover because their homes had been destroyed!

The children worked together to follow trails to find out where the creatures wanted their houses to be built and then chose materials from the woodland purposefully to build the house for the creature.

They all did a fantastic job!

Afterwards, they explored the lovely opportunities at the Orchard – they investigated water travelling down chutes and pipes, created smelly potions and cakes in the outdoor kitchen and had enormous fun climbing the mud slide mountain and sliding back down!

We ended the day round a campfire where we cooked and ate some delicious popcorn.

Thank you to the students from Nottingham Trent University who supported the children during this visit.

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