Saxon Survival Skills

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Compton Verney in Warwickshire last Friday. We experienced what it would have been like to be a Saxon settler and how we would have used the natural environment to help us to survive. It was an incredible setting too – the gardens designed by Capability Brown, provided the most peaceful background to our day.

We learned new skills; such as using a flint to start a camp fire, making fishing nets, making bread, playing checkers and shelter making. The children spent time reflecting upon what they’d learned and shared their ‘top tips’ for the next group.

Year 3 demonstrated a superb knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons and above all showed they were excellent role models, not only in their behaviour but in BRW’s 5 R’s. Some of our proudest moments were when the children showed true resilience and achieved so much in such a short time. See for yourself what an amazing day we had…


  1. I loved when we went to Compton Verney in Warwickshire because we got have so many adventures and also I especially enjoyed when we got to the Anglo-Saxon base to do all the activities in the base. Even though there was lots of hard things we had to do, [Mainly because we were in Anglo-Saxon life] it was still so much fun! The most favourite part that I enjoyed was when we got to make shelters because there were so much resources that we could use and also we all worked as a team, however I also loved the bit when we got to make bread because we got to know how to make it softer and how to make it not fall apart, we also used a very useful tip and that was to make sure you put not to much water in and not to much flour in! We had an incredible day at Compton Verney. I really enjoyed visiting there!

  2. I agree Hannah !
    I had a amazing adventure and i think my favourite was making fire it was so fun too learn about things about anglo saxon life
    But sadly i never catched a slave !

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