Sherwood Pines Adventure Day!

It’s been over a year, but Years 5 and 6 finally managed to show the #BRWSpiritStrong this week at Sherwood Pines!

It was a day filled with orienteering, map reading, adventure playgrounds, outdoor lunches, climbing, swinging and zipping through the air!

We attempted (and almost completed!) an orienteering trail, learning about woodland creatures in the process. Some of us even managed to detour to the authentic WW1 trench replica!

Go Ape Tree Tops Junior also featured: levels 1 and 2 (and 3 for some) were easily conquered. What a day! It was filled with excitement, exhilaration, courage and most importantly, smiles :-).

We can’t wait for our next adventure!


  1. I loved this trip instead of the musical. It challenged most people to face their fears and step out of their comfort zone. Did everyone go on the zip-line beacause it was very fun?

  2. This experience was terrifying and exciting at the same time!
    We learnt how to read and set maps but most importantly we had a go at a really high treetop course.
    I think my favourite part was the zipline, I had so much fun!

  3. Go Ape was really fun! Even though I didn’t get to finish all three courses, I had fun.
    Was the third course harder?

  4. This trip was so much fun! I wish we could go to more trips like this during the time we have during primary school. What was your favourite part of this adventure?

  5. I had so much fun at Sherwood pines and climbing in the trees I would definitely
    want to go again.
    would you have a go climbing in trees?

  6. That trip was one to remember! It definitely helped me be a bit more collaborative because on the orientation it was tricky but in the end we made a decision. It also made me a bit more stronger because I tried to conquer my fears.

    How did you feel when you completed the course?

  7. I enjoyed when we went go ape because it was a time to conquer fears for example
    Heights. It soon got harder after stage 1 the zipline was the best part.

  8. Hi, this was a very fun event especially when coronavirus arrived we couldn’t do things as we normally would. Anyways, we was so lucky to go on this residential trip and a big thankyou to Miss Lee, Mrs Owen, Mrs Doety, Mrs Tompston and Mrs Concha for keeping us all safe at Go Ape.

  9. I think that Go Ape is my new favourite place to go! At first I thought that it was going to be really scary but when i went on to the tree tops it was actually not that scary. Also, it was nice to have my friends next to me. My favourite part was definitely the zipline! 👍

  10. This trip was amazing! Some activities were challenging but others were fun and exciting. I would definitely go again!

  11. I loved going into the tree tops and attempting to make it across each course without falling and some of Year 6 even conquered their fear of height. We also went down the zipline and we all passed the training course too!

    Did anyone conquer their fear of heights?

  12. I really enjoyed this trip! I think some of us did well to overcome their fear of heights, and was brave and strong the whole day!

  13. I really enjoyed attending this trip it was so much fun and I would love to go and zip-wire across the woods again.

  14. This trip as amazing! Since we (Year 6) didn’t get to go on many trips this year, at least we go to enjoy this fun and scary adventure! If you have the time, I would recommend this incredible trip!

  15. I liked the visit to Sherwood Pines because it helped us conquer our fears. The things that were challenging were the obstacles and especially the 3rd stage!

  16. This trip was amazing… we loved climbing the tree trunks and riding down the zip lines! Although we haven’t been on a school visit for over one year this trip made up for it. Thank you to the parents that volunteered to come with us.

  17. This trip was so amazing! I enjoyed facing my fears and seeing my friends face their fears of heights with me.

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