Shuttle 30


This week’s PE challenge is called shuttle 30.

How to play: Find a space, ideally outdoors where you can set up your shuttle
run. Find 2 objects that you can use as your markers e.g. plastic tubs, toilet roll
stood on its end, plastic plant pots etc. Place one of the markers on the floor
then take 8 big steps away from the marker and then put the second
marker on the floor.
Stand next to one of the markers and on “go” run to the second marker and
touch it with your hand. This counts as 1 shuttle. Then quickly run back to the
start marker and touch that one with your hand. This counts as your 2nd score.
Keep going until the 30 seconds are over. Write down your first attempt total
then see if you can beat it!
Record your best score in the comments below.
Good luck!

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