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This week’s Year 6 Blogger – Lina!


To make a simple circuit there are a lot of important words to learn but the most important are


A conductor is a material that WILL allow electricity to pass.

An insulator on the other side, WILL NOT allow electricity to pass.

That is why an insulator are used for holding the electronics and the conductors are used for making the electronics work.

So, let’s start, we have also tried this experiment in year 6. It will be perfectly safe for this age group.

The equipment you will need for during this experiment are:

  • Three crocodile clip wires
  • Two batteries
  • Small light bulbs
  • Bulb holder


What do you think will happen?


Now that you have the equipment you can make the circuit!

First, you must place the batteries inside the battery holder.

Next, place the bulb the into the holder and connect the two crocodile clip wires to the screws on the bulb holder.

Finally, connect the two crocodile clips to the battery holder- remember to connect both crocodile clips.

And you have a simple circuit. WELL DONE!

Now do you remember the third crocodile clip wire?

Detach one crocodile clip from the battery holder [now you have an open circuit the one you made before is a closed circuit] then attach one crocodile clip from the third wire.

Can you find a material that conducts electricity?

Remember explore, learn and evaluate!

-By Lina

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