Slow and Steady Wins the Race…

Dear Year 6,

We are going to be practicing slow writing this week in class. Slow writing is narrative, descriptive writing inspired by a picture or video. It’s when every sentence you write is lovingly and SLOWLY crafted with specific features and devices. The purpose of slow writing is to help you SHOW an image with your words. It helps us to paint the picture for the reader!

We craft our sentences from an ingredient list, for example, a list like the following:

Your first sentence must contain only three words.
Your second sentence must begin with three related adjectives.
Your third sentence must describe feelings / action inside the body, then describe feelings / actions outside the body.
And so on…

To prepare for your slow writing in class, your homework for Monday 16th November 2020 is to complete your DADWAVERS plan based on a WWII Blitz picture as fully as possible (you’ve been given a DADWAVERS sheet in class to take home). You have completed these before now, but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s an example of what’s expected in a DADWAVERS plan:

And here’s your WWII Blitz picture for inspiration, as well as a video link!

When you’ve finished, type your three PROUDEST words/phrases/sentences into the comments below. This will be a great way to share your strongest ideas back in class!

I can wait to read your third choice DADWAVERS ideas!


  1. As I hid in the narrow, cramped shelter,
    Hunger, heatstroke,thirst-which of these would kill me first?
    From happy,to now a living nightmare

  2. Here are three of my best sentences from my ‘DADWAVERS’ plan that I think I’m proud of.

    -DESCRIPTION: The beautiful, bright sky soon changed into a florid, devastating sighting, looking like a nightmare; decorating the scene with aircrafts, precipitating a deadly, blazing flame.

    -DIALOGUE: People scream, gasping for air, shrieking, “Help! Please!” as the war remained – annihilating everything that comes in its path.

    -ESTIMATION OF TIME: Time flew, after second, after second: lives were lost within the time of escaping and lasting in what it seems like a never-ending, threatening survival.

  3. I curled up in a ball in a firey smokey building.
    Everyone was running for their lives.
    I was screaming and shouting for help.

  4. 1) Buildings collapsed as if someone was cutting down trees.
    2) lights split apart the amber-dyed skies
    3) Ominous clouds hovered above the once peaceful city.

  5. (description)The burning abandoned city was out of eyeshot before I knew it I wondered…Would I ever see this place again? Crumbling brick smashed onto the ash coated cobble stone pathway and the barbed wire surrounded the deserted area.
    (Similes) Like a tidal wave of destruction, A palace of dead bodies, dry as bone.

  6. “Go! Go! Go!” yelled the commander. At that command, a swarm of planes rushed towards the designated target.

  7. Gunfire echoed in the air. The battlefield was covered in flames and blood-shed. A war that would change the lives of many had begun….

  8. As scared as a fish, lost at sea.

    Time flew like a blink

    In a small city which, would soon be gone along with all of its peace.

  9. 1) Screams and explosions filled the thick and hazy sky
    2) Sirens start,bombs at dropped throughout England(London,Birmingham and Coventry)
    3) The blood red sky glowed ominously

  10. Down in London, sirens blared, smoke emerged and buildings were shredded.
    Planes released ginormous, explosive devices: they plunged, destroying all it would land on.
    The sirens were as strident as the navy blue sea, crashing against the petrous, rough ridge.

  11. I cried for help no one answered.
    Was I invisible?
    As time flew by I wondered was this my new life.It felt like just seconds ago I was with my family safe inside my home.

  12. I sat between rust and pins,I heard voices in the distance. I screeched “help! Help!”not one answer. I sat in the black senery the lights dimmed as voices faded away

  13. time flashed before my eyes,as it was only a few minutes ago i was sat on my warm comfy bed reading my favourite book.
    my mother and farther briskly running around the house worried in fear.
    as i heard the deafening noise i new i was going to take my last breath as the air crafts flew over my precious house,

  14. I kept on wondering, “Why me?Why am i the one experiencing this? Is my life over?” my heart struck in fear

  15. Planes flew high above, as i cried for help. As time flew by…i heard mummers in the distance, i sat in the pitch-black room and the voices soon went away.

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