Slow Writing Stone Age Boy

Year 3, your Mission is to write this scene from the story of The Stone Age Boy.

Remember, this is a Slow Write so you must consider each sentence carefully. Here are the rules….

Here’s mine to get you started…


  1. [1st] The boy kept walking Until, he saw an unusual girl in the distance he saw her wearing animal skin, that had a rope on her waist.
    [2nd] She had been looking at me for hours and then started grabbing me.
    [3rd] Then she started pulling my trainers as if never seeing clothes.
    [4th] Then she touched my glasses and I kindly gave her them.
    [5th] Next she tried them but felt very, very, very weird.
    [6th] Finally, she gave her hand and took her to her Family.

    • Adele, great work thank you! I am impressed you included a subordinate conjunction in your first sentence.
      My advice would be look at your second sentence – is this describing anything? Instead you could merge 2 and 3 together with a conjunction. Can you rewrite Sentence Two to describe Om in more detail?
      Mrs Byrne ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi, I would like to tell you my fist sentence on the slow writing stone age, In front of him, stood a young girl, constantly.:)

    • A good start Rhian, did you mean to add a little more on the end? What was she constantly doing? Remember to describe her.
      Now add a second sentence ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Slow writing Stone Age boy
    I saw a girl. I was thankful I saw her. She had brown clothes made of animal skin. The girls hair was thin like straw. Her brown bag was made from bearskin. The girl came towards me and started to smell my clothes. The girl made some strange sounds and hit her chest and said โ€œOmโ€. The boy said โ€œis your name Om? I am Peteโ€. Om Took me by the hand and took me down the hill. โ€œWhere are we going ? โ€œ he said .

  4. 1:In front of him stood a person he has never seen before, dressed in quite bad smelling skin she used for clothing with a rope around her waist.

    2:Her hair was untidy as if she was coming back from a bush.

    3:She suddenly saw the boy and started to walk to him to scan him.

    4:He said “Hello my name is David I’ve never seen someone like you before!”

    5:Om said “Me Om follow me to my family!

  5. Well done Sarah, I like your description of her coming back from a bush ๐Ÿ™‚ Your description of her clothing is very vivid – I’d slip in animal in front of skin.
    I would also consider changing ‘scan him’ as it sounds like she thinks he’s a barcode, perhaps ‘study him more closely?’

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