Socks in a Box Challenge!


Hello BRW!

I hope that you are all keeping fit and well during these very strange times.

I have been in touch with some friends at School Sport Nottingham and they are setting weekly challenges. This weeks challenge is socks in a box. It is really simple – get yourself a box and lots of socks rolled up into a ball. Place your box down and take three steps back. The aim of the game is to throw as many balls as you can in one minute. Count how many landed in the box and leave your scores in the comments below.

This is a really easy challenge to set up and you can involve your whole family. Keep a score sheet and see if you can beat your scores each day. I will set you a new challenge on Monday.

For more information about this challenge and others you could try then please click here:

PE@Home – Week 3

Keep active and stay safe.

Mrs Cook


  1. Thanks MRS Cook my family will be sure to do that because we love to keep fit and strong and how are the teachers doing during this time. SYS

    • I am so glad to hear it Cassie! Make sure that you get the whole family involved and let me know your score. Good luck!

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