South Polaris Half Term Homework

As we delve deeper into the book ‘Brightstorm’, we will be writing some wonderful descriptions of South Polaris after half term.

I need you to write a description of the two photos below, showing what the conditions of South Polaris are like. Ensure you use POWEFUL vocabulary and a range of stylistic devices.

Here are some that you might want to include:

  • similes
  • metaphor
  • personification
  • expanded noun phrases
  • Alan Peat sentences
  • parenthesis
  • 5 senses
  • semi-colons

I can’t wait to read them over half term!


  1. I heard the wind howl like an outraged wolf as the snow covered the trees. If snow rained, if the cold lasted, if the plants didn’t get sun, then how will they survive. I heard the cries of mysterious animals lurking in the frosty mist. I could feel the winter breeze flowing through my frozen hair. I could taste snowflakes tumble down to make the thickest snow possible. I saw the snowflakes dance around me like I was being hugged from all different angles. I walked into the misty unknown to find….

  2. We entered a whole different world were we had never had been before it was a brand new experience for them the branches fell of the trees like hair. We could smell the fresh air and could hear birds tweet in the distance. We were not worried because our dad (Ernest Brightstorm) taught us how to be careful and he even taught us how to do engineering and he Arthur knows how to cook his nutritious and healthy food to survive. It felt as cold as a freezer as we entered polarious the leaves danced in the wind.

  3. Light shone down on the ice bound earth as the sun made the snow glow a pearly white. The fine trees stood like pillars leaning against the sapphire sky made of liquid diamonds. Shadows hung off the birch trees as if they were holding on to a cliff on the end of the world. The cloudless blue sky draped itself over the colourless snow as if it was lying on top of all humanity. If we were not there, if we did not see this, how would the world know about this bewitching landscape.

  4. You might not know already, but Aruther(my twin brother) is a stupendous cook. He cooks healthy, nutritious and delicious food, if you don’t let us come then you wouldn’t be able to taste his marvellous cooking skills. Moreover, if you needed a helping hand then Aruther will be on his way, if you needed someone to know the way then just give Aruther the map and he will know it in a day. If I wasn’t a positive machinery maker, if I failed to make this invention, if I never was a machinery maker, then what would Aruther’s life be like?

    In Addition, if you don’t let us come to your South Polaris club then you wouldn’t have Aruther’s delicious food skills or my inventions. Plus, we are not frightened because our dad (Ernest Brightstorm) has taught us how to be accurate in anything. He also taught us brilliant engineering. Now we know all the things we need to know for you South Polaris club!

  5. I would like to apply to your South Polaris Club!

    Firstly, I have a brother (Aruther Brightstorm) and he is stupendous at cooking. He cooks Healthy and nutritious food, if you don’t let us come to your South Polaris club then Aruther wouldn’t be able to make you some delicious food, he has very good cooking skills. In Addition, if you need Aruther to do something then he will be on it, if you need Aurther’s cooking skills then he will have something planed for you. Furthermore, our dad (Ernest Brightstorm) has taught us to do engineering which will turn out to be a brilliant craft. Now we can try our best and get into your South Polaris Club!

  6. We heard a colossal howl like a ear-piecing wolf as the icicles on the trees started to drip. If snow was the chilly rain, If the plants didn’t get the warmth of the sun, then will they survive? Moments Later, I could taste the snow flakes pouring down like a rain drop. When we took a blink, we heard a cry of a mystical creature walk quietly in the frosty and bitter drizzle. I could feel the intense frost entering my hands like a earth wrecking pain. I saw the iced pond with the snow flakes dancing beautifully like I was being snuggled by one million different spaces. I walked into a misty cave and fount…

  7. All of a sudden, we heard a tremendous ear- wrecking sound like a wolf howling from a short distance. In the blink of an eye, the snow dripped as slow as a snail and we watched the tree trunks fall on the pale snow. As we took a breath, I could feel the bitter arriving to my hands like a ear-piecing shock. We watched the sun go down in the misty air and heard cries of a invisible creature walk slowly in the distance. With all this upon us, we could see the snow flakes coming to our faces. Aruther and I kept walking quietly and saw a cave. We fount something…

  8. In the misty fog, I turn my head at full speed… I had never been so shocked in my life. Swiftly, breathless and restless,I was panting as heavy a tired man. My toes are numb, I can’t feel them, they are are lifeless. I can feel the wind picking up as if it’s whistling at me. I needed a wake up call but the I remembered what Brightstorm taught us to be resilient and protect each other.

  9. As we entered the world of snow, the white powdered trees, trembled slightly as the crystal-like birds perched on top. An almost-bare bush stood as still as stone, whenever a small silver leaf floated down to the ground on gusts of gentle wind creating a carpet of sparkling confetti.The sky was filled with splashes of gold, bronze and glittering white, constructing a collage of beautiful colours.

    • The wind howled as loud as thunder and snow covered me from head to toe, it was impossible to see through.iceicles in every direction, icebergs towered over me and the mist was as thick as the snow was because this was South Polaris.The raging snow storm was unexpectedly dangerous for anyone who dared to go here.
      Dogs dribbled
      Bears bashed other animals around
      People weren’t safe here.
      Because this was South Polaris

  10. One stormy night, I turned my head at a fast motion…I had never be so appal in my life. I was panting and restless like I have just been chased by a colossal wolf. All of my hands and body was numb and I couldn’t feel anything when I touched it. Moments Later I could feel the breeze sit beside me as fast as a lion eating its prey.

  11. South Polaris, the harsh and hostile winter environment. Mysterious mists engulf the land and the cries of animals echo in the hollow trees. Leaves wilt and wither in the frost and icicles reflect a blinding light. Wind howls and blasts around the atmosphere. Every living thing searches and yearns for warmth, comfort and light. Grand mountain ranges stand tall in the distance and tower their majestic presence over the tundra. Snow envelops the polar habitat and cloaks the land in a blank, bitter wonderland.

  12. as I swiftly rotated my head,the trees swayed in rhythm like a white canape.The ground was enveloped in a thick layer of an icy substance as cold and sharp as a witches breath.Suddenly,a dark shadow swept across the moonlit forest it quickly spread covering any light subduing the eagerness of it.I was just about to turn my nose up and walk but i remembered who this was all for.This was a life a stake I couldn’t walk away.

  13. One magical night, I felt the frosty breeze as I touched the icicles softly. Within Minuets, I could see and hear the historic, immense and fury creatures from all different angels. I felt the soft but cold breeze like a ice had just pounced on me. Moments Later, we could hear cries from a undivided space.

  14. As the frosty wind waved through the freezing air, a wolf-like sound echoed through the trees and into the pit of snow, which was covering the green grass. Walking, I seemed to have been walking forever. I felt exhausted and worried, cold and hungry, I do not know how much further I could go. And so, I went forth with hope and fear stroked down my spine into the wintry forest of our life. The gentle wind softly kissed as I walked through the petrifying ridge… I kept moving, for it may well be that the highest mountain has not been climbed. Amazed by the by the sight of the beautiful snowy trees, in a wide without imagination my eyes gleamed like pearls. In the blink of an eye, snow pummelled hardly like wind howling in the frigid climate. The clouds like crowds of snowy-hued and white-robed maidens pass. Whilst the frosty weather scattered through the soggy grounds, I could sense a bright, shimmering light enveloping the whole snowy space around the forest. What was this feeling? As I scanned around the crystallised forest, I could grasp the severe winter breeze streaming through my frosty hair. The glacial ice felt like being trapped in an immense, glassed iceberg. We knew how unembellished this stormy weather this was, we needed to detect some safe shelter to this risky place.

  15. In a blink of an eye, i saw the misty fog swaying to the rhythm of the wind. Heart beating, breathless, aching, which one will kill me first? My hands and feet were numb, i couldn’t feel a thing. In the distance, i could see the snow swiftly falling on to the trees and the floor. As i walked further, i could see nothing but mist.

  16. As I entered the misty, snow covered land, a gust of wind swept through the new world. A cloud of fog flew into the hill of white powder. The icicles looked like thorny branches, ready to prick you. I stoped to breath but the air grabed the breath before I could. I didn’t kno what to do so I walked on.

  17. As I entered the misty, snow covered land, a gust of wind swept through the new world. A cloud of fog flew into the hill of white powder. The icicles looked like thorny branches, ready to prick you. I stoped to breath but the air grabed the breath before I could. I didn’t know what to do so I walked on.

  18. As we stepped out onto the the immense cluster of snow, mountains taller than skyscrapers loomed over a solid lake. They had mouths as wide as wales and icicles like giant, frozen bats, sleeping, waiting for evening to come. An association of boulders hung onto the sides of the rigid tents as they reached to the morning sky. Trees danced at the sight of us as innocent animals emerged from the mists of the forest. Some trees were wide and bulky; others were tall and slender, the vast range of shapes created by nature was bewitching, like a picture created by an artist, you could stare at it forever. Mist came and left our warm bodies and screeches emitted from the dark depths of the wild woods.
    Although it was a beautiful sight to behold, although we enjoyed the crystal-clear skies, there were problems, temperatures were dropping, we were running out of time. We moved forward. We couldn’t stop now. A low grumble emitted from the mountains. What was it? I experienced shivers tremble down my spine – was it a feeling of fear or was it a feeling of adventure, excitement and so much more…

  19. As i walked across there thick snow my hand felt like rock solid ice i could beryl move them as the cold filled my body with coldness. i clutched my thin coat against me, then a the wild blow a big wave of cold air against me .As i rested my body on a tree my eyes shut. when i woke up i heard birds sweating i thought to my self what was s the time. suddenly i heard a lound roar hought ran through my head think whats that? or were is it coming from? or will i die? i had just enough energy to stand and walk for a bit as a walk for like 15min my weak legs got to a end i thought hpoe was gone but i saw a a abondond house i got in and i looked out mist was everywhere

  20. Silence became wind, I was aching in fear ,I couldn’t feel my body any more. In the distance I could see white covered trees blowing in the mysterious wind. I could no longer see a thing. how much longer can I survive in this mysterious world?

  21. As the paranoia spread through out my body,hypothermia struck me with oain starting to take over. I regretted my decision ontaking part of the expidition (although it was for the best) i continued my search on this now discovered island of bobbing ice. The conditions had fallen, about -6°c my body couldn’t compete. I would die if i carried on and maybe never be discovered.

    Thw water started freezing like a crystalizing skeleton. The water slowly waved goodbye as its last breaths were fading away into heaven. The snow were white sheets of fur, silky smooth representing a pillow. I wanted to touch it; giving myself a reality check remembering thats its a frozen liquid fallen from a ominous mass of steam. As no surprise trees shift shaped turning into monsters, like a nightmare out of a movie. Scared as a child, I continued to travel after my Violetta had distruped and shattered into unbearable puzzle peices.

    I smelt something familiar. Smoke, how had cigarettes reached a far land? I hit myself, “its the ship not cigarettes Brightstorm!” I thought i was falling into a coma. I started to scream knowing no one would hear. Tears ran down my cheek into my mouth. Distracting me from the current event the taste was saltier than sea water. What was in my tear glands. I fell felling the crusty water allowed to me squished. “Help!” I called again as my eyes slowly forced shut engukfing me in complete darkness, knowing no light would appear i forced them open. Commanding my hands to glide the lubricated skin above my eyes exposing, the cornea to snow. As my brain commanded my neck to move, my torso joined in and comfortably layibg me in wet bed. Knowing i didn’t wet it. I heard a howl. Oh no I was in trouble. Knowing my knowledge it was a wolf. It must be different to others, how could it stand such lethal temperatures?

    When would I return. Would my children worry for me. NO don’t think about that silly. But what if they are worried. I stood up covered in snow, hypothermia engaged faster at this very momment. My body was overheating crazily; why would it impact now. I’ve only spent five minutes in this new country. Maybe its that cold to cause such symptoms. I looked at the sky checking the time (I was reading the sky) “Its five chimes!??!” I screamed as the veins in my esophagus blurted, showing a fine line of blue. The cotton candy blue sky had faded into a bewitched outline of orange and white. This momment would soon be lost as maybe i would die alone in this horrifically cold country. The sky configured into a weird sea, giving out a scene worth taking, although I couldn’t take it. I would be lost in it.

  22. The silent sway of the trees canopy filled the area, it was a perilous place with snow-covered plants, unbearable weather and a never ending snowflake shower! In this unending winter land looked as if an enormous ball of snow had crashed here and taking over the spring like land. I couldn’t take anymore of this, the sky roared and the wind became menacing. What was I to do? Is this the end?L

  23. South Polaris, a hostile, freezing environment. The tall, wooden towers were covered with frozen icicles that were as fragile as weak glass. The mysterious mist enveloped the area as a snow fox ran intensely and with agile through the soft, thick snow. South Polaris was filled with the sight of white, tiny particles on the ground and translucent substances. Some thought it was a winter wonderland; others thought it was a nightmare. Maudie and I (13) classified South Polaris as a terrible land because of the horrible incident that included Ernest Brightstorm (my father) The frosty wind howled around the threatening atmosphere. My sister and I were unsure what would happen if we wander into the unknown…

  24. As the wind howled around me, I couldn’t turn away from the fact of seeing the tall, claw trees surround me. I felt the thick, frosted snow as my feet sank into the ground, I knew I was in some kind of winter wonderland but not the type which people would call ‘wonderful’. As I (Maudie, aged 14) wondered through South Polaris, jagid icicles hung above the trees. The more steps I took into the forest the more the wind echoed in my head like it was warning me to stop and turn away. Suddenly, the raging, snow wolves roared around me.
    I began to shiver, I was lost…

  25. As we dared to walk into to the the never ending woodland we felt a shudder run down our spines. We felt the frozen, abandoned trees glare through us like a knife. This was a hopeless mission, yet still we had hope. If he survived, if he lived, then our hearts would light up once again, and all of this living nightmare would be worth it…

  26. everthing glistens as if a fairy had sprinkled her dust over the entire world. snowflakes fall gently from the sky making it sparkle everywhere,you watch the misty fog escape your mouth everytime you take a breath.the icy air whistles around my ears causing my to shiver. the trees and branches are bare but are covered in a glassed icicle shimmering away. every step i take i hear a crunch leaving a fresh crisp footprint like am the only one here

  27. As I entered the Ice Kingdom, the gust oof wind took my breath whilst I was isolated in the subzero desert. The air got thinner and thinner as flashbacks of me Dad and Arthur struck through my head. I became paranoid as my dream appeared in my living day. “Why have I taken this risk?” I thought to myself. The heavy, mist mixed with the ferocious, blizzard causing a sonic boom as they collapsed.

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