We have been working as a whole school this week to compete in the Live Mathletics Competition! Every class has worked hard to earn as many ‘Live’ Mathletics points as they can by playing against each other, other children nationally and many children internationally too!

Well done to everybody who has taken part – you were true MATHLETES! We don’t know yet if we have earnt any prizes… in fact, the competition is still running until Sunday 21srt, so keep playing!

For now though, here are our whole school and separate class results. Well done everybody! You should be feeling incredibly proud at RISING UP, TAKING COURAGE and DOING IT!

In first place, it’s Year 6 with the most Live Mathletics points, followed closely by Year 4 and Year 3!

And in Celebr8 today, Mrs Maylard-Mason will announce the individual winners in each class. Watch this space!

Keep playing mathemagically!

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