Spectacular Sport Relief in Yr6

On Friday the 23rd of March, 2018, the whole school celebrated Sports Relief day. Yr 6, in particular, had an extremely sporty day. To start it off they watched the Sports Relief assembly with the two special guests (Mark Waters and Paul Sturgess) and got to their usual SATs preparation work in class and crucifixion rehearsals. After break time, at 11:00, the sportiness began when they had a basketball session with Paul Sturgess to learn a few of the basic skills of basketball while also having mountains of fun with the world’s tallest professional basketball player. Then after lunch, they had a blast of a dance session in the Jubilee room with Mrs Bathgate which was quickly followed by the traditional Yr 6 house basketball competition: Mark vs Matthew and John vs Luke. Luke and Mark Triumphed in the semi-finals and during the final Mark triumphed yet again. Everybody played extremely well, even if some had never played basketball before. Overall, Sports Relief was a great opportunity to show off our sporting skills while also raising money for charity. 

What was your favourite part of Sports Relief in your class?

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  1. I dressed up in my horse riding gear for sports relief.
    Well done everyone that had a basket ball prize.

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