Sports Day 2020

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Exciting news…next week BRW will be showing just how strong their spirit is as the whole school take part in Sports Day! BRW Sports Day 2020 will take place during the week commencing Monday 6th July in your own garden if you are learning from home or the BRW field for the children at school.

How will it work?

On Monday morning you will be sent a score sheet via email and the events that you can take part in. These will be similar to the events that the children will be taking part in at school. You can spend a day or two perfecting your skills as you can choose which day you complete your score sheet.

When you are ready to take part in the events, you will ask a grown up to time your events or measure distances for you and send your scores back to school on your score sheet. These will be compared with the rest the entries in your year group and points allocated to each house in order to generate a house team winner.

Score sheets must be returned by Friday 10th July.

What equipment will I need?

The events have been chosen to use limited equipment. You will need a stopwatch and a tape measure for some events. All other equipment for the events will be items that you can find around your house.

What about children in the Foundation Stage?

The children in the Foundation Stage are invited to take part in all of the Sports Day events just like their friends back at school. The Foundation Stage children do not need to record their scores as their Sports Day is all about having a go and trying each event.

We would still like the children to dress in house colours or sporty clothes and would love to see photographs of the children taking part.

Share your success

We can’t wait to celebrate the excitement of Sports Day with all of you. You will compete for your house team so we are asking all pupils to dress in their team colours and send us photos or videos of your sporting efforts. These will then be shared via the blog.

What about the trophy?

Scores from the KS1 and KS2 children will be added together with the points generated at school and at home. This really is a whole school competition so we need everyone to take part. The winner of Sports Day 2020 will be announced on Monday 13th July.

Good luck everyone. We are all so excited to celebrate our favourite event of the Summer Term.

Mrs Cook

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