Stanley’s Visit

Stanley the dog was welcomed with open arms by the children. The children were very kind and gentle with him and he was very patient with them. They learned about what he needs to stay safe and well and the children were particularly good at making sure he had enough water. He received many drawings of himself and some models too – Woof Woof! (Thank you).


    • Stanley is a yellow labrador retriever. You may have seen other labradors (Mrs Henderson’s lovely Barker and Juno for example) who are smaller. They are the working strain and Stanley is the show strain of labrador. I think that is why he is so calm.

  1. It looks like the children in Foundation Stage and Stanley enjoyed the visit! I wonder if any of the children were afraid of him, but in the photos I think that we can all see that Stanley is a very well behaving dog! And a quick question, who made the wonderful building of Stanley, it looks amazing!

    • Merex, two children were a bit worried about meeting dogs beforehand, but as you noticed, Stanley is a very well behaved and calm dog with children and both those children were happy to hold his lead and stroke him lots of times. Two children made models of Stanley, they were Dominik and Sebastian T.

  2. I think fs1 really enjoyed Stanley’s visit it was Stanley was a student in the Caterpillar group because I saw Stanley enjoying a book in the photos.

    • Well spotted Steven. Stanley did seem to enjoy that story – it was about a dog who had a splinter in his paw and thought it was so bad that he didn’t notice terrible things happening to his dog friends – it was a funny story and all was well in the end!

  3. I love dogs, I have actually met stanely before and he was lovely. Was stanely bigger than a foundation pupil.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ€”

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