STEM Activities

Hi Year 5, I hope you’re all well and are having a wonderfully busy time at home.

Below are 77 different STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) activities that you can be doing at home with your family. Comment below all of the different things you’ve managed to do or tweet BRW!



  1. Miss Andrew, I am really missing you too and I hope that your days have been wonderful. The things I have been getting up to are doing home-schooled work, lots of quality family time, watching new releases of Disney, downloaded Disney plus, Playing in the back garden on the warm days, getting rid of things we don’t need and giving them to charity, reading, snuggles, were planning a family bike ride, catching up with friends on faceitme (Nadia, Rosie, Ruby, Merex, Gwen, Georgia, Lenny and others) and playing games.

      • Hi Katie, I’m missing you all too! My days have been great thanks, I have enjoyed baking some banana bread, reading and planing some flowers in the garden. It’s so lovely to hear all of the different things you’ve been getting up to- especially jealous of Disney Plus! The weather has certainly been a bonus, great that you’re enjoying some outside time. The time capsule idea is brilliant, you’ll have to keep me updated with the things you’ve put inside.
        Miss Andrew

  2. I have been having a- sought of great time to ( going on long walks up hills and “parks”) Seeing Princess, Libby, Logan (not our school Logan!), Lucas, Rachel, Imogene , crystal and Queenth!But definitely not at the same time.We had flowers,books,chocolates and cards for my mum and grandma on Mothers day.It was my dads birthday on the 28th of March We got him jumpers, Chocolates, books about Somme and a really big CHOCOLATE CAKE! It was delicious and now i’m excited for my birthday which is very very soon!

    • WOW you have been busy Cassie! That’s lovely that you’ve been in contact with your friends too. I’m also glad that you’ve been able to celebrate with your family, chocolate cake sounds delicious!

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