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We all love stories in FS and we know you’ve been enjoying Supertato from the fabulous work that you’ve been sending into Miss Matthews. If you enjoy these stories this week – snuggling up for a cosy story time with your brother or sister, making up your own story, creating your own caterpillar, finding and painting a picture of a butterfly or growing a potato, please add a comment below and share your success with all your friends.

Also, don’t forget there are more books to share and practise your reading skills at the Rising Stars website. Your grown-ups will have received an e-mail from Miss Cotter about this and there is also information on this blog, see ‘Reading Planet Online Library’.

Happy Storytime!



  1. Connie has been making dens both in the garden and in the house where we do lots of reading together. she has also been reading books to her babies

    • Hi Connie.
      It’s lovely to hear you’ve been making dens and sharing lots of stories. 🙂 Do you have a favourite?

  2. I love Hairy McClary from Donaldsons Dairy and Mog books.
    We trapped some peaches in jelly instead of evil peas.
    Miss you I am sending rainbows and love hearts to all my teachers
    From Daisy

    • They’re great books Daisy. I like the Mog ones too! Which one is your favourite? I hope you’re peaches didn’t manage to escape from the jelly and were put back in the freezer (or fridge!) where they belong?!

  3. Mog and the baby is my best one because of the pictures of mog making silly faces because he is cross with the baby
    We ate all the jelly and peaches!
    Daisy x

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