Storytelling in Drama Club!

After sequencing their stories last week, Drama Club performed their version of Hansel and Gretel. We had lots of dramatic endings including Hansel and Gretel finding a golden egg full of money and the evil stepmother being thrown into the sea in a net. Gasp!

We have played plenty of games to increase the children’s ability to improvise and work as a team. The children are really developing their ability to think quickly and work with one another.

Well done KS2 Drama Club!

Drama Club- comment your favourite games to play in our final week!


  1. This was so fun and in the roleplay, in the group, I was in I was the wicked witch and got put into the oven!

  2. Yes, drama club is so much fun and I am really sad to see drama club go next week. In this role play i was the narrator who told the story. My team had to improvise half of the drama and I think our team did really well and lived up to the task of improvisation!

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