Cosy Reading: A Squash and A Squeeze!

Hello children!

Mrs Maylard-Mason gave me this idea! I’ve been missing cosy reading so I thought I would read you a story and you could snuggle up at home and listen. Grab a blanket, a cushion and maybe even a biscuit!

Hopefully, your giggle and gasps will travel all the way to my house and it will be just like story time at school.

Love Miss Cotter x


  1. That was amazing Miss Cotter, we were giggling too, hope you heard us. I would love to hear the world’s worst children next . PS I hope Bernard will be listening next time.

    • Thank you Alice! I definitely heard your chuckles and they cheered me right up!
      That’s one vote for The World’s Worst Children then! 🙂

      ps. Totally agree about Bernard. He really needs to improve his attitude!

  2. Come on Bernard! The children of BRW will definitely help you with your listening skills. They’re right on hand to help you love reading as much as we do – aren’t you children?!

    I love your recommendation Alice! I wonder what book will be next…?

    Happy reading everyone!

    Miss Ferrara

  3. Hi Miss Cotter, I loved your story and next time I would
    Like to hear the BFG story by Roald Dahl. Thank you for the story, I miss all of the teachers see you soon. From Millie X X

    • You’re very welcome Millie!
      We miss you too! It was lovely to speak to you today. 🙂
      From Miss Cotter xx

  4. I enjoyed that story, I do t have it at home but Julia Donaldson is my favourite, I have loads of her books. I think she should be grateful for her house because it’s big enough how it is you cannot be greedy. Thankyou for reading that story to us miss cotter lots of love from poppy x x x x

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it!
      Yes, you’re right. We should be grateful for what we have. Today, I’m grateful for the beautiful sunshine and your lovely message! 🙂
      Have a wonderful day Poppy.
      Love From Miss Cotter xx

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