STUCK??? Questions Welcome!

Hi Year 4,






Are you stuck? You know how much I love a good question so here’s a place to write them whilst you’re learning at home.

I’m always here 🙂

Mrs Henderson


    • Great to hear from you Julia! Well done for using your relationship with people to help!
      Mrs Henderson and the mini Year 4 team

    • Great to hear from you Charlie! I hope you are keeping busy! We are right here if you have any questions! Stay in touch.
      Mrs Henderson

    • Hello Charlie! Good to see you using the blog. Keep working hard (and having fun too).

      Miss Ferrara

  1. Thank you Mrs Henderson for reminding me to use my 5’rs to help me through home schooling. I have also nearly completed my acts of kindness bingo card. I had lots of fun creating me electricity poster!

    • Well done Isla! I know you will be making sure it is full of information and really eye-catching! Keep in touch – we love hearing from you all.
      Mrs Henderson

    • What wonderful kindness you must be spreading Isla! Great to hear! I heard you were singing to the hymn practice songs too last week! Keep it up!

  2. Thank you Mrs Henderson, we will try and make sure we use these 5 R’s next time we get stuck during lessons.

    • Great to hear from you two! I hope you are both well and am really pleased that you are working hard! Keep us updated on your work. We love hearing from you!
      Mrs Henderson

    • Good to see you both using the blog! Mrs Henderson is always around to answer any questions you have and would love to hear about what you’ve been getting up to.

      Take care and keep in touch.

  3. Thank you Mrs Henderson. I used my 5r’s to help me with my equivalent fractions and now I’ve mastered it. I am now starting to do ICT, handwriting and spellings like Year 4 always do on a Tuesday afternoon. I will always try to use the 5r’s (especially relationship)when I am stuck . Bye(:

    • Hi Alice, I’m so pleased you’ve been getting on with your pack so well. I like that you’re keeping the same routine as normal in Year 4 too. Watch the blog today – I think there will be a little something to help you with your home-hymn practice!
      Keep in touch,
      Mrs Henderson

    • Great work mastering fractions and using the 5Rs Alice! An inspiration to others! I hope you sang loudly…

    • Hi Jazmine! Great to hear from you! Keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on.
      Mrs Henderson

    • Great work using the 5Rs Jazmine! And on your birthday too! Hope you had a lovely day. Keep it up!

  4. Thank you Mrs Henderson for letting us have a opportunity to go Iam having lots of fun because now I am on lesson 17 on course 2!

    Another has recently happened to me is that my account on TTRS was 6 hours ago though I wasn’t even on it for 2 days and now it says I’m 0.91 though when I last checked I was 0.90 so can you please help me on my situation.

  5. Sorry Mrs Henderson about the English in that last comment because what I meant was that I think someone has hacked my account and I am sure that I didn’t do it to myself.

    • Hi Thomas! Great to hear from you – I’m pleased that you are enjoying Coding at home.
      I’ll also double check with Mrs Piper about your TTRS account when I can. Keep playing and sharpening those skills!

  6. Hello Mrs Henderson i have wrote a story about the chicken who never stopped working and i am still working on the story. Also i have got my lead back on TTRS i have beaten charlie.

    • That sounds like a great story! Let us know more about it when you get chance.
      Well done on your TTRS success. The maths minion is yours for this week 🙂

  7. Hi Mrs Henderson,
    It was great to speak to you today..I’m working hard and will try and remain as The Mathletics leader!
    Helllo to everyone in Year 4 and BRW, hope to see you all soon..

    • Good to hear you’re working hard Nathan! Keep up the great work! Good luck remaining as the Mathletics lead – GO FOR IT!

    • Hi Nathan, it was great to speak to you and your Mum too. I’m so pleased that you’re working hard and are taking on the Year 4 challenges with the BRW Spirit. Keep your eyes on the blog for other tasks to keep you busy – there’s a WOW word of the week post which I think you’ll like!
      Mrs Henderson

  8. I have some great news ,on TTRS I finally made it to a rock star. I’m ecstatic. Also my mum and went on a lovely walk together today.

    • That is fantastic news Alice! I hope you are incredibly proud. What an achievement! I hope you enjoyed your walk too.
      Mrs Henderson

  9. I’m stuck because my mecabricks link doesn’t work. How can you help ? When we try to use it we just see a black page.

  10. Hi Mrs Henderson i am stuck on MecaBricks. I can’t get the pieces to stay still when I rotate the screen. Can you or anyone else help me?

    • Hi Thomas,
      Great to hear from you. I’ve spoken with Mrs Piper and we’ll be sending you some extra tips via email shortly.
      Happy coding!

  11. Hi Mrs Henderson! I was wondering where I should write the RE work, because we aren’t allowed to glue things in.

    • Hi Elyon,
      Are you thinking of gluing into your home school learning book? You are more than welcome to glue in if you would like 🙂

  12. Good afternoon, I notice that this week’s (w/c 15th June) Art work is a duplicate of last weeks. Is there a new topic? The timetable has a title of Egyptian jewellery. Many thanks, Mrs. Simpson.

    • Hi Mrs Simpson,
      Thanks for letting me know. The jewellery lesson is there now.
      Best wishes, Mrs Henderson

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