Subordinate and Main clauses

This week’s Year 6 Blogger – Jex!

Hello! My name is Jex and I am a student in Y6, today I am here to tell you all about subordinate and main clauses.

Subordinate clauses

To start off, here is an example of a Subordinate clause:

Although it was rainy, Stacy decided to play outside.

The subordinate clause here is easy to spot for it starts with a subordinating conjunction (although) and ends with a coma -it also doesn’t make sense on its own-. I you cant find it, the subordinate clause was ‘Although it was rainy’. Here are some subordinating conjunctions, if you want to you can remember as many as you can and eject the subordinating conjunctions you can remember, out of your mouth and see how many you got correct.

Although,before,after,provided that,as,because,even if,even though,since,so that,than and that.

Subordinating conjunctions can be used withing a sentence, either at the start or end e.g (the subordinate clauses are in bold).

Riley decided to run around the playground although it snowed recently.

Although it snowed recently, Riley decided to run around the playground.

These are sentences with subordinate clauses but they are named complex sentences for it has another special clause which is very crucial for complex sentences. You will learn about this below.

Main Clauses

Main clauses are clauses that make sense on their own. You can also have these in complex sentences for they make the complex sentence. Here is a main clause to help you understand.

I went to the park.

Main clauses are short sharp and easy to use, as seen above, you can depict a main clause by adding a full stop at the end of it and reading the clause if it makes sense, voila you got a main clause. If the clause doesn’t make sense you have a subordinate clause. A main clause can either go at the start or end of a sentence, just like a subordinate clause. Main clauses don’t have any conjunction at the start so you cant get it mixed up with a subordinate clause.

That was all from me (from what I learned so far) I hope this helped.

By Jex.

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