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Swimming class

This week’s blogger is Charlie C! This school year, we have been swimming! I really enjoy doing it and I am excited to do this in school with my classmates. In swimming you need to have a good and healthy diet so I decided to research what benefits swimming has on the human body.

Swimming has a lot of different needs and I will list them below.

Things swimming does to help your body.

  • Swimming surprisingly helps you to relieve stress from your body and is very calming.
  • Swimming keeps you fit and helps your lungs and heart.
  • It tones your muscles and builds your strength in your arms and legs.
  • It also brings cardiovascular fitness on your body.

It is recommended that children and adults should do 1 hour of swimming on a daily basis. Swimming is an affordable exercise for all to do and it is very accessible as you can go to your local leisure centre. I really enjoy swimming and I would highly recommend to anyone even if people have disabilities it is still accessible and I would recommend this to anyone.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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