Swimming and me!

One of my favourite and most confident sports is Swimming. The reason I like swimming so much is because I love the way you feel when you are swimming, as you feel free and relaxed. I swim competitively in galas and competitions for the Nottingham Northern Swimming Club where we swim three days a week for an hour and a half. Competing in races is much harder than you think as there are many rules such as never making your feet touch the floor, putting to firm hands on the wall when you finish a race, diving professionally into the pool, and many more. When you join this club you have to be at a very high level to be let into the club. I have been taking part in this club for over a year now, and can see the difference in my speed and strokes. When you join the club, you have to purchase certain equipment for the different practices we do such as, floating boards, a pull buoy, fins, a snorkel, and finger paddles. Keep calm and continue swimming!

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