It’s Showtime!

December 18, 2019 Mrs Byrne 0

We did some further investigating into light today. We predicted which materials were transparent, translucent and opaque and then tested them. We tried to guess […]

Open Afternoon

June 27, 2019 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon showing off all their science knowledge to their parents! We’re learning about Forces and Magnetism so the class set […]

BRW Bake-Off

May 9, 2019 Mrs Byrne 0

Year 3 had a wonderful time making bread this week. We were all so impressed with their creative ideas and their finished products, they looked […]

Erupting Volcanoes

May 6, 2019 Mrs Byrne 0

What an exciting day, the day our dormant volcanoes erupted! The children had crafted some wonderfully realistic creations and were excited to see what chemical […]

STEMkids @ Work Week 2

May 2, 2019 Mrs Byrne 0

This week, Jasvir Kaur, once again taught our very own BRW STEMkids a new scientific concept, how to make their own pocket light. Wow!