Tantalized by Treason!

First of all, Year 5 have to say a massive thank you to Mrs Maylard-Mason for getting them a brand new set of books! We are so lucky to have a full set of our Class Read and we are using the books to their full advantage.

As a class, we are reading the novel ‘Treason’ and discussing the characters and themes, whilst also predicting what might happen next. Year 5 are thoroughly enjoying their Class Read and there is a big moan when we have to stop reading – I love it!

I absolutely love your enthusiasm for reading Year 5 and I want you to pass it on, so your challenge is to use our most recent stylistic writing device to write about reading. You will write using the technique of ‘anaphora’ and your starting phrase will be ‘reading is’.


Reading is stepping into a room of pure imagination. Reading is the swish of a fairy’s wand and the gleam of a knight’s sword. Reading is the glint of a crocodile’s eye and the cackle of an evil sorcerer. Reading is the flower of adventure that blooms inside you when you encounter a tale you have never heard before. Reading is the feeling that you are invincible, unstoppable and the hero of the story. 

You are, of course, challenged to use other devices such as similes and metaphors to improve your writing.

Good luck and I can’t wait to read your ideas!

Miss Cotter


  1. Reading is opening up a new dimension of adventures. Reading is another’s imagination offering to share with yours. Reading is a helping hand which helps you understand the unknown. Reading is the feeling that you are winning the day.

  2. Reading is an exiting and amazing land of imagination which opens a new planet of stunning adventures. Reading is a world of unbelievable and unexpected place of adventures.Reading is the power that bursts inside you. Reading is the comfort and guidance that follows you to make you feel as if your knowledge is growing better in you. Reading is the energy that makes you feel as the almighty power of the day is in your hands. Reading is a another’s imagination mixing in with yours.

  3. Reading is fun, because takes me far.
    Reading is my thing, because makes me think.
    Reading is cool, especially at school.
    Reading is my starter, because makes me smarter.
    Reading is my pleasure, where I can find a treasure.

  4. Reading is an exciting and amazing adventure of imagination that creates a stunning planet. Reading is the flower that blooms inside you when you read. Reading is the helping hand that helps you with the unknown. Reading is the feeling that makes you feel like the power of the day is in your hands. Reading is a unexpected and unbelievable dream. Reading makes you feel like another’s imagination is sharing with yours.

  5. Reading is like stepping into a paralel universe.Reading is a mind blowing place where any thing can happen.Reading is a place were any thing is possible.Reading is a fascinating world were you can do any thing.Reading makes you go through a wave of emotions.

  6. This writing is incredible! I can’t stop reading it! I’m experiencing lots of WOW moments Year 5…keep it up you wonderful writers! You’ve inspired me.

  7. Reading is like a new world of wonder that you step into. Reading is as if you are free to do any thing your mind can reach. reading is like digging discovering making and mastering. Reading is reading is a new dimension of dreams that discovers the world reading is a super part of your life just to relax

  8. Reading is a whirlwind in my mind. Reading is a world of pure imagination. Reading is the tip of a spinning wheel that makes you drift off into a deep, enchanted sleep for a thousand years. Reading is where you can do the impossible. Reading is an ocean where waves are bursting with creativity.

  9. Reading is fun because it makes my mind blow. Reading is enjoyable because the characters make me laugh. Reading is a place of my imagination. Reading is a place where I can excepress my feelings.

  10. Reading is a new world.
    Reading is the path to greatness.
    Reading is a special feeling.
    Reading is a daily lifestyle.
    Reading is your imagination flowing.
    Reading is like a volcano waiting to erupt.
    Reading is suppose to inspire others.
    Reading is special for what you can do.
    Reading shows your gifts

  11. Reading is an enchanted forest were dreams come true. Reading is a dimension of imagination. Reading is a universe of fantasy. Reading is a planet filled with paradise.

  12. Reading is the bricks in a building.
    Reading is the excitement in writing.
    Reading is the bravery of a heroic knight.
    Reading is the determination of a hard worker.
    Reading is the kind heart of someone offering help.
    Reading shows people what you can really do.

  13. Reading is a path leading to amazing adventures
    Reading is where all your dreams come alive
    Reading is as if the book is talking to you
    Reading is the one that has been there to help you your whole life
    Reading shows your true talents!

  14. Reading is an explosion that erupts your knowledge. Reading is a pathway to the world of fantasy. Reading is like stepping into a room full of adventures. Reading is when your heart feels and your brain learns. Reading is wonderful experience. Reading is when you can dig, discover, make and master!!

  15. Reading is a world filled with imagination. Reading is a dimension of mystery.
    Reading is a way to make you smarter. Reading is a place that gives you power.

  16. Reading is cool especially at school. Reading is a world of pure imagination. Reading is a dream. Reading is a thing that is carried down through generations. Dig up new words .
    Discover new authors.
    Make mini stories.
    Master new writting techniques. Read on.

  17. Reading is dreaming with open eyes
    Reading is the key to learning
    Reading is rewarding
    Reading is cool
    Reading is fun
    Reading makes you a better writer
    Reading makes you smarter
    Reading is an adventure that never ends
    Reading is the key to success

  18. Reading is fun.
    Reading is be in a new world.
    Reading is daily life.
    Reading is best.
    Reading is when we we step into a path.
    Reading is when we imagination.
    Reading is something to inspire others.

  19. Reading is a new life
    Reading makes our imagination grow
    Reading is inspiring
    Reading puts everyone in a good mood
    Reading is life

  20. Reading is an exciting planet. Reading is a thing that helps you. Reading is a adventure that blows your mind! Reading is a planet of pure imagination.

  21. Reading is like stepping into pure imagination. Reading is fun because you learn so much. Reading makes me laugh. Reading makes my brain buzz.

  22. Reading is a whole new world to step into.
    Reading is a world of pure imagination.
    Reading is a planet of adventures.
    Reading is inspiring.
    Reading makes my mind buzz with excitement.
    Reading puts me in a good mood.

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