Tennis Forehand Tutorial by Jacob

This week’s Year 6 Blogger – Jacob! Check out his breakdown of the forehand hit in tennis!


First things first you need to start in a ready position you can do this by starting with your legs apart and bouncing up and down. Next, you need to be holding the tennis racket sideways so you can do a forehand or a backhand.

The swing

Secondly, you need to know how to swing the racket, you can do this by first opening your body. Then you throw the ball in the air and connecting with it in mid air (towards your opponent).

The finish

Lastly, you need to to know how to finish after you have hit the ball, you can do this by ending with the racket just over your shoulder. Finally you can finish with a celebration if you score a point against your opponent. Now you know how to do a forehand swing.

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