The “Best Day Ever!”

Last week, Years One and Two set off on a journey to Colwick. We began by visiting the Sea Cadet base. They showed us all sorts of boats and explained how boats have changed since the Victorian era (when Grace Darling was alive). This also made us think about the boat we will be making in our DT lessons. We looked at masts and thought about how we can make sure our own boat’s mast is freestanding. The Sea Cadets also taught us about water safety and made us think about why Grace’s actions were heroic. We even got to try on some life jackets!

After that, we walked around the Princess River Cruises, where we boarded our very own boat! We set sail down the River Trent and saw lots of human and physical features of Nottingham. The boat ride was an incredible experience!

Year 2, what was your favourite part of the day? What did you learn during our visit?

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