The British Red Cross

Last week, Rhian from The British Red Cross visited Year 6. We discussed the different types of emergencies we could have to deal with, and also how to deal with them. Some of the different types of emergencies we discussed were: choking, bleeding heavily, unconscious and breathing, unconscious and not breathing, burns and head injury.

Ways to solve these problems:

  • If someone is choking, we would need to hit firmly on someone’s back between their shoulder blades. This helps dislodge the blockage.
  • If someone is bleeding heavily, we need to put pressure on the wound. When we do this, we are helping the blood clot and stopping the bleeding.
  • If someone is unconscious and breathing, we will need to tilt their head back and look and feel for breaths. When someone is unconscious and breathing, their muscles relax and their tongue can block their airway so they no longer breath.
  • If someone is unconscious and not breathing we need to call 999 as fast as we can. Then we need to give chest compressions. This keeps blood pumping around someones body.
  • If someone has a burn, we need to cool the burn and protect it from any air.
  • If someone has a head injury, make them rest and apply something cold that is wrapped with a towel to the injury. This reduces external swelling. If the person is feeling drowsy or if they vomit, call 999 immediately. This is a sign of serious injury.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I hope that you now understand how to deal with some of the emergencies you might have to face.


  1. The British Red Cross was fun because we learned how to step in and how to to help if you see any body taking pills or that has a burn or that is choking always step in and don’t be afraid and ask if there ok if there not call for help or do something yourself to help be a bit better.

  2. The British Red Cross was so exciting we learnt so many helpful things in the afternoon session and the dramas we did we all great

  3. I learnt a lot from these lessons and am positive I will know what to do thanks to The British Red Cross!

  4. I loved this lesson, Rhian taught us many new first aid tricks and what to do in real life situations. For example, if someone had a severe burn you would have to use water if you have it but if not anything you can drink that is cold you can use and run it under the liquid for at least 10 minutes, and if someone was bleeding very heavily you would have to put a lot of pressure on the injured area until help comes, we also learnt many other things that are too much to talk about and next week Rhian is coming in again for some more training.

  5. The British Red Cross was a fun way to teach us what to do in serious emergency’s. Only do this when there’s a serious reason not for fun.

  6. I found learning about first aid very helpful! It boosted my confidence in helping those who are injured and in pain. Making a blog about this is definitely a great idea!

  7. The British Red Cross is very important as they are charities around the world helping others. I enjoyed this, because if we’re in a situation when someone is injured, hurt and so on we would not walk away but help the person. If we walked away, maybe the situation could get worse if anything else happened.

  8. The Brithish Cross was amazing because we learned how to step in if we were in a situation like that and it really helped us boost are confidence. We also learned how to help someone if they were choking, if they were bleeding heavily, if they were burnt and more. My favourite highlight of the day, was when we had to act out a stituation we were assigned to with your group. My group was Matthew, Imogen, Mairead and I the situation that we were assigned to was a burn. This was really fun. Whilst we had fun we also learnt facts along the way. Thank you the British Red Cross for coming in, Year 6 really enjoyed learning with you. Once agian, Thank you.

  9. The British Red Cross was incredible because it helped the meaning and actions of what you should do in a situation that might be harmful.

  10. We also watched videos of people who were begging on the streets or who were ill and asking for help.From the videos we learnt that most people just walk by with no proper reason to ignore or look at them and walk away. We also learnt that the passer-by people do not go and check on the person unless another person goes first. If one person goes to check on the person who is the beggar then only others will get involved. Some people think about it but do not want to be acting differently as everyone is passing by.

  11. The British Red Cross was amazing and fun because we had an opportunity to learn about first aid and what to do if we are in a different situation. If you believe that is is a serious accident, you have to call 999. You can also ask if the person is ok. If they are unconscious and still breathing, then put them in the recovery position. If they are unconscious and not breathing do CPR and call an ambulance.

  12. This visit was very helpful because now all of year six know what to do when they see someone in need of their help. For example if you see someone who has a broken bone you should put a piece of clothing on to the wound.

  13. The British Red Cross visit was really enjoyable and everyone got involved. We learnt about what we have to do incase of an emergency.

  14. We learnt a lot from Rhian’s visit to the school, she taught us what to do in an emergency such as when someone has burnt them selves or if they’ve passed out. It was an interesting subject and i felt like i learnt a lot.

  15. I really enjoyed the British Red Cross. We learned all about what to do in situations when someone is either bleeding heavily, when someone is unconscious and breathing and not breathing, and when someone has swollowed something dangerous.

  16. The British Red Cross teached us about what we need to do when we see a person on the floor, we must help them.

  17. The British Red Cross came in and visited us and taught us about emergency situations: seizures, choking, bleeding heavily, swallowing harmful things, unconscious and breathing, unconscious and not breathing, burns and head injuries; and how to deal with them. Also we learned to step in and help even if we are afraid to, for help.

  18. I liked the British Red Cross because they came in and taught us how to help people if they are choking, dying, bleeding or has a really bad burn it was very helpful because if we come across anything like that we will always know what to do and we can step in and not to be afraid to step in.

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