The BRW Basketballers are BACK!

The BRW All Stars were back with renewed enthusiasm this week as we took part in our first tournament of the season. We continued to excel at long shots and brought tremendous joy as we dominated this opening rally. The team was made up from children in Year 4, 5 and 6. Well done team!


  1. My name is Matty i like to do baskett ball because it is good for your work rate and it helps on your arm work. And it helps with your fitness rate and if you practice you will get better and if you play any sport you should always practice each day and always keep healthy.

  2. I can tell all of you work hard and are proud to be in BRW! The basketballers should be proud of themselves for working together as a team and never giving up!

  3. I love Basketball, as it’s a high tempo sport. It is an end-to-end game and I love shooting from far distances as when it goes in the net for a basket you fee proud that you made it. I love the matches, as they are very competitive and you use a lot of teamwork to win.

  4. I really enjoyed the basketball rally, we all worked fantastically as a team. We won the first game and drew the other. I would like to thank the parents for cheering us on as it got our adrenaline going and helped make our performance better. Well done team lets go win the next match on the 26th of November.

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