The Dragon!

Year 4 – How would you continue this story? Can you include subordinators to add extra detail and make your sentences more engaging for the reader?

It had always been there. Many people passed by without a second glance, but something told Amy that the creature, which overlooked their school playground, was more than just a sculpture made of wood. Each day she paused on her way past, stopping to double-check whether its claws had grown or its gaze had changed direction. “Oh hurry up Amy!” grumbled her elder sister; she thought her sibling’s interest in that lump of wood was ridiculous. One morning, Amy froze opposite the beast as she heard a tiny murmur. Her heartbeat raced. How would she begin to explain what she’d heard to her classmates?


  1. Amy she tried to tell her friends ,but they said it was just a new Satue in the playground “IT was a beast”she thought.Sshe gazed at it all lunch time tenderly. Every day she saw the dragon move position.It is kind of wierd .It must be Coming alive at night I saw the dragon more than one postition The next morning I told my friend it was moving they didn’t believe me One day it disappeared.

  2. She was looking back at the dragon,to see if the dragon was murmuring.As soon as she caught up with her big sister Ashleigh,she looked back and forth to see if it had moved .When Amy looked out the window her sister said “What are you looking at?” She asked. with a pronounce”I’m looking at the dragon in the playground “the teacher came up with” get on children”.At break time the dragon moved position .Amy’s face was full with shock.Even her big sister Ashleigh’s face was full with sock just like her sisters face because she now realised it was moving.At lunch time Amy and Ashleigh went outside to look at the monstrous creature.How could Amy explain this to her parents ?

    • As she walked in suspiciously, she took one last glimpse at the mythical dragon then paced into her classroom. When the bell rang for lunch, she rushed outside to her sister Jackie and told her”You wouldn’t believe what happened to me ! “with an incredible loud voice! Then she told everything to her sister, but she didn’t believe her! She bumped into her school friend called Gracie whilst sh e was running, then she asked her are you feeling?” Then Amy said she was feeling fine although she was feeling terrified! It was the end of school so Amy returned back to the pavillion. Suddenly she saw that the menacing dragon there now…. Where did the dragon go?Did the dragon return to it’s family?Where is it now?

  3. Charlie and James
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    It had always been there.Many people passed without hesitation never looking at the dragon.I took my second look and the dragon moved his head slowly. Then the next day I heard the dragons claws scrape on the bandstand. I thought It was more than just a statue.Each day I would freeze on the way.I grew goosebumps as I went closer to the statue. I thought I was imagining it or being incredibly crazy. As I went to my classroom desk I saw my best friend Joanna and I told her about the creature. How would she believe me?Amazingly she did. As the sky darkened the dragon went to hunt when people were asleep.

  4. She went to her classmates and said that she heard a suspicious noise from the dragon and then the classmates paused like frozen ice.Then the classmates said “Did you just say that you heard a noise from the dragon “Yes I did hear a noise from the dragon? Then she sneaked out onto the playground and she gazed at it one more time. She got caught out on the playground looking at it . Soon it was the end of the day. She told her mother what happened. Today for a split second . It’s claws had moved then a blazing hot bolt came out of the sky. Like a rocket. Then it was bedtime she was sleeping with her family. She was scared that it was going to come back. The next morning I was very tired because of that busy day. I was sleepy and I hesitated doing the work at school.

  5. As she walked into her classroom she took one last stare at the creature. She started to explain to her classmates. She went to her desk wondering what the strange noise was. Through out the day, she was wondering what the strange noise was. Her sister Julia said why are looking out of the window? Her teacher said why are you looking out the window? Amy said ” im looking at that creature out there”. Although the dragon was still she gazed out of the window. While she was looking out of the window she saw the dragon move again. After the dragon moved he started to twitched before he moved he murmured. He opened his huge goring scary mouth and showed his scary sharp teeth. At lunch, the creature was standing still as he possibly could. Until suddenly lightning struck and the dragon came to life. She went out to play and saw the creature move again. Then suddenly playing she out of the window again and she was petrified and saw the creature disappeared

  6. As she entered her classroom she thought about the mythical and ragged creature. Amy constantly glanced at the menacing, wooden, carved beast from the window of her desk. Emily, Amy’s older sister, hurried her sister along to get to lunch in time. After lunch, Amy bumped into her best friend Katie and spoke to her in the hallway whilst, through the window glanced at the fierce dragon. Amy described the dragon to Katie but she got over excited and ran outside to see what she was talking about. She gazed at the uneven dragon as he murmured like a bumble bee. Katie gazed at the carved dragon and froze all over her body like a statue. Katie was scared. She kept on looking at the mythical dragon when she entered the classroom. The others felt like Amy was looking at something life changing, but it was only a dragon. She sat down at her desk and couldn’t get the fierce dragon out of her head. Her excitable friend carried on chatting to her about the menacing creature! Then….FINALLY her class ended so she darted outside to see the dragon. She looked at the dragon and couldn’t take her eyes of it. But then something strange happened… No one saw Amy, Katie and Emily ever again!

  7. She took one last look and headed off to her class.Half way to her class she was joined by her teacher,Mrs Mc Grumpy.She said “Are you ok Amy? You seem a bit scared.” “Yes.I’m a a little scared.” Replied Amy. They got back to class and the teacher had no more time to ask more questions to Amy.During class,she was still wondering about the mumbling dragon.As she looked out of the window,she was interrupted by her class mate Teddy.She thought in her mind that one night she would be taken away by the dragon.Hours later,she went home wondering what the mumbling was.The dragon was a frightful,ragged,textured,a wooden creature and was patiently waiting to pounce on the peaceful,harmless people. The very next day she went to school when she got there she heard the mumbling again!She was questioning what the mumbling was.Then she saw a cloud form above the dragon, a lightning bolt struck,everyone gathered around!The dragon started to move…

  8. Amy was frozen like ice. She looked where the dragon was because it was mumering really softly. She bumped into Lily and were talking about the beast when we got interrupted by the mumering of the unusual dragon.The next day Amy Lily and maya were looking at the at the beast which was a statue with meance from inside. Lightning hit near the dragon like a triangle.The minute the lightnig hit the floor, Amy and her friends smelt flames .They were worried for the school so they went to Mr Jones and tell him what happened . He was very confused . The next day the dragon was gone…

  9. Amy was about to turn around when she heard the murmur again. She ran into school and tried to tell her friends but they ignored Amy . Her friends thought she was being silly but Amy knew that she heard something mysterious. When playtime came Amy could not stop thinking about the noise she heard.When Amy was doing her English she got distracted by a scratching noise so she looked out the window and the dragon was staring at her,she looked away for one second and the dragon was GONE! It turned out the dragon was flying in circles above Amy’s classroom! One minute later the classroom started collapsing so Amy’s classmates started to evacuate (including Amy herself).It was Amy’s first dragon but it wasn’t her last…

  10. Amy told her helpful friends that the creature had murmured. At lunch ,Amy bumped into her best friend Lydia,they both froze in shock because the creature had moved its claw. Amy told her parents and her sister but they did not believe her. After lunch Amy checked again,again and again but it didn’t move.Amy was confused,she couldn’t understand.Meanwhile when Lydia and Charlie M weren’t looking,they both bumped heads, the dragon stared upon them.Unexpectedly, a storm with millions of bolts appeared out of nowhere and the creature ascended up and all of a sudden it had come alive.Was this the end…?

  11. Amy had one last look ,then went to her classroom feeling confused. When Amy was in her classroom she could not stop thinking about the dragon.Her heart raced when she told her friends , her friend said that dragons are not real . After school , she found that surprisingly it was facing in another direction.As the sky was getting dark,Amy was trying to calm herself by meditating .Then she opened her eyes and felt calm and she felt better.At dinner, Amy was eating slow because she was trying to thinking of something else instead of the dragon. While the mythical dragon was sitting on the cage waiting for it’s pray but it never came. At bed time Amy could not close her eyes because the dragon was in her head. Then a thunder of lightning flashed into the sky and the dragon flew out of the cage and everything was dark. In the playground the next day Amy discovered that the it was gone “but how did it leave ” this confused her very much.

  12. As she took one last stare at the terrifying ,carved creature ,she hurried to her classroom.As her history class ended,she gazed at the wooden creature, but as she gazed at the creature she heard a murmur. Then her sister Annie called her saying “Hurry up Amy”. The next morning Amy told her classmates that she was hearing whispers from the mysterious creature”What creature?” The creature outside with sharp claws, gigantic wings and razor sharp teeth that looks like wood. There was a sudden silence across the school. All of a sudden , there was a bolt of lighting and that lightning BROUGHT THE DRAGON BACK TO LIFE and then he BURNT down the school !

  13. As she stood there, she took one last glimpse and started walking to see where the noise was coming from.When she didn’t find anything,she sprinted back to the carving and heard that peculiar murmur again!Soon Amy noticed that all her school friends went inside for class.Before she even thought about the murmur she ran in and entered the class room.Whilst in class, she couldn’t help but think about the murmur or where it came from.Her friend Lucy looked at her in shock because Amy was shaking all over. Her teacher later ,dismissed them out for break.When she went out of the door she zoomed past everyone to get to wooden dragon carving.when she got back to the carving , she saw the dragon blink not once not twice but 3 times!As it blinked, it started to murmur,”Where am I?”Whilst the dragon murmured, Amy was worrying if her fiend was scared.Just then a storm came and a bolt of lightning struck the dragon and scared it and made it mad and started chasing people!

  14. She took one last look and heard the murmur again,then Amy ran to her class because of that strange noise.Amy told her best friend ,Lola what had happened while she was walking to school.Amy reminded herself she was having a sleepover at Lola’s house after school.While they were walking to Lola’s house with Amy’s older sister, Millie they passed the dragon without knowing he was there.Then the dragon murmured again as they were walking.Al of a sudden, they saw the head move slowly so they ran to her sister Millie and grabbed her hands.Hours later,when they went to bed they heard a noise out of the windo.It sounded like a noise they had never heard before.They built up the courage to go look out of the windo and the dragon was trying to get in . She woke up.Her and Lola got changed into the school uniform.They were going to school without seeing the dragon.Eventually,they got to school and no one was in the hall.Very wired.Not Even Miss Shimmer their teacher. No one was to be in sight of them….

  15. Amy was walking down her school road with Kelsey, her older sister, when Amy heard a tiny murmur coming from the dragon wood-carving and felt a could tingle along her spine. She turned around but the wood statue stood still. Amy look suspicious. Kelsey rolled her eyes and grabbed her little sister. The carving blinked and Amy gasped.
    somethimg bad had just begun…

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