1. Hello Mrs Henderson, I have done all of my work for today other than my english work, I am having trouble loading the book, the link is not working. can yo help?
    Thank you

    • Hi Charlie,

      Good to hear from you. I’m pleased your work is going well!

      You can access the book via Audible but you’ll need an adult to help set up an account. You can also listen to the first few chapters as an audio book on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5hkaO_iRSw .

      I hope this helps!
      Mrs Henderson

    • My five words : dangerous, passion, disagreed, silent, opinion

      Lila was young when she first started to learn about making fireworks but as she grew older it became her passion. Her father over time changed his opinions on her learning such dangerous and dirty work and felt she should leave and find a husband. Lila disagreed and this left father and daughter silent.
      Lila met a boy, the white elephant keeper she wanted to continue to learn about firework making and he agreed to help her.

      • Hi Lochlan! Great to hear from you. I love the words you have chosen and how you’ve used them in your sentences.
        Keep working so hard!

  2. Hello Mrs Henderson I am just waiting for my English book so when I get I will start researching ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’.

    • Great news! It’s a good read – I think you will like the setting in particular. Let me know what you think.

    • Wonderful news! Don’t forget to have a go at the tasks for chapter one too.
      Let me know how you get on.

      • It was amazing I read 1 to 3 chapters and the farther didnt let the girl go of to finish one last Quest of to be a firework maker because she can hurt and she will not get married

        • Hi Chidubem! I’m pleased that you have read and enjoyed it! It sounds like you are loving doing your home-school learning. Keep in touch – don’t forget to add your writing on Friday too!

    • We read the first chapter of ‘The Firework Makers Daughter’ and we found that the first chapter was really good.

      • Hi Dylan and Elyon! Great to hear from you! I’m pleased you like it. I think you will like the setting of the story – there’s a volcano! I look forward to seeing your published writing here on Friday too.

      • I’m pleased that you like it Jazmine. Just wait until you get to the volcano!
        Feel free to publish your tasks below so we can see you hard work.

  3. From Wiktoria – who wrote her own summary of what had happened in the story so far.

    There was once a girl called Lila with her father Lachland. Lila’s mother died when Lila was a baby.So Lila’s father took over the care. Lachland was a firework maker. Also when Lila was young Lachland built a cradle for her to listen and see the colours and crackles of the fireworks. When Lila grew up Lachland began to teach Lila how to make simple fireworks. One day Lila went to Tulak (her friend). Tulak was a servant of an white eliphant. Only he and Lila knew that the white eliphant (Hamlet) could talk.

    • Fabulous news! I think you will really like the lead character when you read more. Let me know what you think and post Friday’s task in the comments section.

  4. Here’s my paragraph with my five new words.

    The King’s courtier made sure that everyone was in attendance for his speech. A grumpy old man after hearing the speech was quite obnoxious with his remarks on the speech. After the speech, the young apprentice set about learning how to make some new fireworks. The apprentice was trying to think of a catchy slogan to promote the fireworks. The fireworks were quite pungent with the new ingredients that had been added.

    • Amazing sentences Nathan! I can hear your voice when I read the words 🙂
      I love the use of courtier, apprentice, slogan obnoxious and pungent. I’m guessing these were your 5 words.
      I also love your use of commas after a clause. Well done Nathan.

  5. I have read the first chapter twice so far and understand it quite well , I have also done all the task up to today ( Thursday ). I will be posting Fridays tasks tomorrow.

    • Well done Hollie. I think you will really enjoy it. You sound like you are incredibly well organised and working hard.
      I can’t wait to read your published piece.

  6. The five new words I chose were apprentice, pestilential, sulphur, courtier and flanks. Here’s my paragraph:

    Despite many clear instructions the apprentice thought he new better. This was because he was a pestilential, troublesome character. The fierce firework he had made smelled so strongly of sulphur, this was because he hadn’t paid attention and had added too much of the chemical. The conscientious courtier who was passing alerted the king. He sent for the grand white elephant who had expensive gold leaf on his flanks.

    • Incredible! Wonderful words to choose Alice and fabulous sentences!
      I can see the effort you have put in here – really well done.
      Just one little tip – don’t forget the commas when you create a sentence with a clause i.e. Despite many clear instructions, the apprentice….
      I can’t wait to see what you craft next week. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  7. Lila had an apprenticeship with Lochland making fireworks. Due to Lila innocently adding flowers of salt instead of cloud powder she made wicked tiny sparks. The sparks began to fly out of control and scorched the floor of the workshop. Lochland was not happy with Lila’s fireworks, ” Lila you pestilential young girl get out of my workshop” he screamed. Lila ran out of the workshop crying, running into the road, she didn’t notice the rigshaw coming towards her.

    • Hi Evan! Fantastic sentences! You’ve selected some excellent wow words there. I hope you are enjoying the text.

      I love your use of alliteration when describing the ‘conscientious courtier’ and the choice of the word sulphur! I can almost smell it from here!
      Well done for using speech marks too Evan.
      Have a great weekend! 🙂

  8. Mrs Henderson the five new words that I chose were toddled,flared,scorched,custom and expense.Here are my sentences:

    Lila toddled around the workshop when she was young.The fireworks flared in the sky,as lila watched them.Many times Lila came to Lalchland because her fingers were scorched.It was the custom that whenever the King wanted to punish his courtiers he would send him the white elephant as a present,and the expense of looking after the elephant would ruin the poor man.The expense of the ingredients to make fireworks is a lot.

    • Hi Wiktoria! Good to hear from you again. Some great sentences – well done.
      I love the verb ‘toddled’ it makes me think of a wobbly toddler.
      I can’t wait to see what you write next week. Have a great weekend 🙂

  9. 5 words chosen are,

    Lila would listen to the crackle and fizz of the gunpowder with great delight. Lila would like to experiment with flowers of salt in a java light and she would like to see the burning sparks and the glimmer from them. Lila was horrified to find out she would be found a husband. The Elephant was covered in graffiti , Chulak was shocked at this and denied all knowledge. Chulak would listen whist the story is being told and would find out the the fireworks are made of smelly sulphur.

    • Wow! Wow! Wow! Hollie, I love the words you’ve chosen and how you constructed your sentences to create excitement.
      I’m also very impressed with how you are taking charge of your home school learning so assertively.
      Well done – enjoy a good rest this weekend 🙂

  10. My 5 chosen words are complicated,chemicals,flared,scorched and graffiti
    Once there was a little girl called Lila and her father Lachland.Lila’s mother died when she was a baby so Lila’s father had to look after her.When Lila was young her father built a cradle for her to watch the fireworks,it flared in the sky as Lila was watching it.Lachland was a firework maker. When Lila got older her father began to teach her teach her how to make a firework,at first it was complicated but it began to be a lot easier.One day Lila asked her father what would happen if I put another ingredient in another chemicals.Her father asked to try then when she tried it it scorched some material.One day she went to Chulak’s house (her friend).Chulak was a serpent of an white elephant which had graffiti all over him.Only he and Lila knew the white elephant (Hamlet) could talk.

  11. My 5 chosen words are complicated,chemicals,flared,scorched and graffiti.
    Once there was a little girl called Lila and her father Lachland which he was a firework maker.Lila’s mother died when Lila was young so Lila’s father had to look after her.When Lila was young her father built a cradle for her to listen and see the colours of the firework,it flared in the sky as Lila was watching it.When Lila got older her father began to teach her how to make a firework,at first it was complicated but it began to be easy. One day Lila ask her father what would happen if I put another ingredient in another chemicals.Her father asked to try then when she tried it scorched some material.One day she went to Chulak’s house (her friend).Chulak was a sevent of a white elephant which has graffiti all over his body.Only he and Lilaknew he can talk.

    • Hi Jazmine,

      A wonderful series of sentences! It is lovely to hear your writing – I can hear your voice as I read it! I particularly like the word ‘scorched’ and how you have used the word graffiti to describe Chulak’s body. I can’t wait to hear next week’s writing now!

  12. I read the first chapter and answered the questions got five words to get the definition I brainstormed what would happen in the next chapter and I got synonyms to the five words I wrote why lalchand dident want to let lila be a fire work maker and why lila dosent want to be a dancer andwhy they decided not to talk about it and the white rose maths and my sister helped me with all of it and also helped my brother

    • Very well done James. I’m pleased you found the White Rose resources – I really think you’ll enjoy doing them at home.

  13. My silk curtains are white and i can see through them. My friend who lives in India has a tandoori. There was a big bang that sounded like a fire cracker. My friend bit there quivering lip and then cried. My Java computing program helped me get network connection

    • Great word choices! Well done Charlie! I love the sentences about technology 🙂
      Top Tip -Watch out for those cheeky homophones – their/there.

  14. My five words were gunpowder, custom, courtier, rickshaw driver and billboard.This is my paragraph.
    It was a custom for the King of that country to present a pearl-coloured elephant to the powerful people living there as a punishment for disobeying him.As gunpowder crackled and fizzed, the long awaited elephant arrived, walking on a ruby red, satin carpet. Accompanied by the hustle and bustle of the rickshaw drivers, the town square seemed especially animated. Everyone was betting on how long the wretched courtier would last, each word amplifying the adviser’s sorrow. Billboards displayed silk sheets, mango flavoured Turkish delight and gold leaf, hoping to squander a poor man’s fortune.

    • Hi Elyon! Wonderfully well-crafted sentences. I love your use of commas to create clauses too. I think I spotted some Turkish Delight too – it reminded me, as always, of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe 🙂

  15. I struggled with the sentences last week so I’ve had a fresh look today and here they are.
    My chosen words are:
    Flank,Courtier,Obnoxious,Glimmer and Scorched.

    There was a glimmer of hope when Lalchand let Lila have a go at making fireworks but when she tried ,the bright sparks from the firework flickered and scorched her apron.
    The king signed a contract for the white elephant to go to the next courtier. At the presentation, he saw that the elephants flank was covered in writing. He soon realised that it must have been that obnoxious boy Chulak, who had caused this to happen.

    • Hi Thomas! Firstly, well done for revisiting this! I often find a little break makes all the difference. You can always look here too to get ideas and inspiration from your friends. Secondly, fabulous word choices! I love how you’ve linked your ideas together and how you’ve incorporated the word ‘obnoxious’. It’s a great word and you’ve used it perfectly.

  16. The words I have chosen are: cradle,toddled,art,dangerous and passion.

    Lila was a young, little girl when she learned firework making. When she grew out of her cradle, she toddled and danced around the house looking at the sparks and crackles from the gunpowder. Soon enough, Lila found her passion and art for firework making. One day, Lila and Lalchand got in to a big fight about what Lila should do with her life, Lalchand wanted Lila to get married because he thought that firework making was to dangerous for Lila but Lila wanted to be a firework maker. They couldn’t agree with each other so they decided not to talk about it again.

    • Great sentences Dylan. I particularly like your use of commas after openers i.e. One day,. I also see that you’ve used them in an expanded noun phrase in the first sentence too! Excellent work!

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