The Firework Maker’s Daughter Week 2

Here’s your English sessions for Week 2 – 27th April 2020

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Y4 English Week 2

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Mrs Henderson


    • I have read chapter 5 the firework makers daughter went to the volcano to become a firework maker tulak and the father of the daughter ran fast to give the special water to the daughter she drank her lungs were moisted and her wounds were healed the voice of the volcano said it was a illusion thers no such thing about the royal sphere

      • Well done Chidubem! You’re ahead of us with the reading 🙂 Don’t forget to have a look at the tasks for each week too – they are in red on each blog post. There will be a WOW word of the week tomorrow too. Keep in touch.

  1. I read the book it’s interesting,Lila is a very organised girl even though she is described as filthy and dirty. I like her, she is a genius.

    • Wow! I’m pleased that you’ve enjoyed the book and managed to read it all! Well done Elizabeth.
      I also think Lila is a clever, organised girl and a wonderful firework maker. Keep your eyes on the blog – the WOW word for this week will be out tomorrow!

    • I’m really pleased you enjoyed it! There’s a volcano in it later too – I think you’ll enjoy that bit!

  2. Hi Mrs Henderson , I have read chapter 2 again this morning and have picked out my five new words, looking forward to revealing them later in the week & reading chapter 3.

    • Great work Chidubem – just make sure you don’t give away the ending in your blog comments!
      I look forward to seeing your writing here too this week.

  3. Here are my 5 new words –
    Lila made a drastic decision to leave. The market was busy, Lila jostled her way through. On her way she noticed some police officers Lila scampered away from the. Labourously Lila made her way to the forest. The Forest was alarmingly quiet.

    • Hi Evan! Great sentences which are well crafted.

      I like your word choices too. My favourite word that you have used is ‘alarmingly’ – it makes me suspicious! Your use of laboriously as an opener is also excellent. Top Tip – can you use a conjunction to extend a sentence new time? I think you can! 🙂

  4. Lila, seems to be a quite an arrogant girl. Writing a letter to her farther telling him she is finished being a apprentice and is going off to be her own firework maker. Lila is also very foolish leaving her father and getting in a boat with strangers.

    • Hi Nathan! Lovely sentences. I agree – she’s incredibly foolish to do that. Good use of the word.
      I’ve also spotted our WOW word of the week in there too. Very clever work 🙂

  5. Lila is a young girl who aspires to be a firework maker. She is very creative inventing fireworks with her father. Lila is very confident in her thinking and stands up for what she believes. I think Lila has been thoughtless because she has left what she knows and got into a boat with strangers.

    • I completely agree Evan. I like how ambitious and adventurous she is though. Just wait until you hear what she gets up to next!

  6. The 5 new words I chose this week are:
    Drastic,Procession,Laboriously,Proposition and Tarpaulin.

    Lila made a drastic decision about not forgiving her father.
    After the procession ,Lila made her way to Mount Merapi. She laboriously dragged herself over the vicious jungle snakes and crocodiles that lay asleep in the sun.
    She met some fisherman who made a proposition for her to board their boat.
    As she stepped onto the boat they captured her and threw a large tarpaulin over her head.

    • Hi Thomas! Well-crafted sentences with great word choices! Very well done! I also spot a commas after your first clause in your second sentence. Good job!
      Words like proposition, laboriously and tarpaulin really do help the reader get transported to another world. Well chosen. I particularly like the word tarpaulin because it reminds me of camping and Forest School!

  7. My five words are: Paper merchant, Java lights, a flask, neighbourly and gibbeted.

    Lila left the workshop worried and afraid. As she was plodding through the market, paper merchants were busking under the beautiful java lights. What Lila didn’t know was that she needed a flask from the magic lake. Meanwhile, as Lila was striding through the forest monkeys gibbeted and neighbourly fishermen fishing in the nearby lake.

    • Well done Dylan, well constructed multi-clause sentences!
      I think gibbeted might by my new favourite word! Have a great weekend 🙂

  8. I think that Lila is a imaginative girl because she likes to find a different way to light a firework. I also think Lila is a curious and enthusiastic young girl who likes to learn and expand her knowledge of fireworks.

  9. My 5 new words are furious, gravel, screeched, laboriously and gasp.
    Lila went into the elephant house to see Chulak, when she heard what Lalchand had told him she was furious. Chulak was expecting the elephant to walk on gravel. Fetch a carpet at once! a red one! hurry up!. The jungle was a noisy place. The monkey’s gibbered in the trees, and the parrots screeched. There was no one to be seen just some fisherman laboriously rowing their boats across the river. The size of great mountain made Lila gasp.

  10. My description of Lila,
    I think Lila might look like a beautiful girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Lila might be wearing a pink top and black jeens. I think Lila is funny because of the way she does things. I also think Lila is also strange because of the way she walks and talks. Lila wants to become a fire work maker. Lila doesn’t want to be a dancer because she wants to be like her dad. Lila wants to be a fire work maker. Lalchand wants Lila to stay a child forever.

    • Well done Hollie! Clear punctuation here. Challenge for next week – use conjunctions to add detail to your sentences and make them a little longer.
      You’re doing a great job at home!

  11. My five words are, furious, prepared, protection, fearful, confessed

    Lila is furious that her father told Tulak his secrets and not her. Lila is determined to become a firework maker on her own! So Lila bravely prepares to leave on a journey for Royal Sulpher on Mount Merapi. However, Lila was unaware that she needs protection to go there, she didn’t know that she would need magic water from the Emerald Lake. On her journey Lila became fearful that she would not make it through the jungle but she had come too far to turn back, she is a strong and committed person. Lila came across some struggling fisherman, Lila helped the men and in return they offered to take her across the river. Suddenly the men turned and confessed that they were pirates and that they will kill her.

    • Fabulous, detailed sentences! Well done Lochlan!
      It’s a pleasure to hear from you and I’m proud that you are working so hard. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  12. This is my description of Lalchand

    Lalchand a caring father of lilla but Lalchand doesn’t want lilla to be a firework maker like him he wanted her to be a dancer because Lalchand thought it was to dangerous for because she was only a child and he didn’t want lilla to be just like him he wanted to give Lilla to his sister.

    • Hi Charlie! Great to hear your description – I love reading your work online! I agree with you, he is a very caring father. Good adjective to use.
      Top Tip for next time – capital letters for names! You can do it!

  13. Mrs Henderson this week I chose the words furious,drastic,suppose,apprenticeship and perish.

    Lalchland was furious when he noticed that Lila went to Mount Merapi.Tulak said that he might be too drastic and he should of told Lila the secret.Lila was talking to Tulak “I suppose I can do baby things but not know the secret of a real firework maker!”.Lila can perish in the flames of the fire-fiend.

    • Well done Wiktoria! Great sentences! I’ve loved seeing all your work which has been shared through the office too.
      Top Grammar Tip – Remember it’s should have rather than should of. Easy mistake to make.
      Keep working so hard and have a great weekend 🙂

  14. This is my description of Lila:

    Lila is a eager, friendly, headstrong type of girl. She wants to be a fierce firework maker and tries to take after her loving father. On the outside she looks like a tomboy who doesn’t care about anything but on the inside she cares deeply for her friends and family. She looks out for mischievous Tulak (her best friend, who is also the white elephant master),Hamlet(the talking white elephant) and her father. Lila would do anything to become a firework maker as well because she is very passionate about it. Also I think Lila is headstrong because she goes of to find the secrets of firework making but doesn’t wait to be told every rule. In conclusion , I think Lila is an adventurous, good natured and committed girl.

    • Hi Alice! Sorry for the delay – this comment has slipped through the net and I’ve somehow missed it!
      This is a lovely, detailed description. I love you use of commas to create expanded noun phrases and brackets to include extra information.
      Well done!

  15. My five words were Batik painter, bullock carts, wretch, gravel and tarpaulin.
    As the batik painter started to tell Lalchland about Lila’s whereabouts, a cloud of unease hung over the old man with the weak heart. Jostling bullock carts pounded against the stalls, unaware that each bump amplified Lalchland’s heartbeat. Instantly, he knew that Chulak, the wretch Lila called her friend, was behind her disappearance.Mountains of anger seeped through his heart, making the crunch of gravel sound like the fizz of oozing lava, and the slightest movement feel like a stalking fox’s pouncing footsteps. People were selling tarpaulin, fish and exotic delicacies, but Lalchland couldn’t focus on anything in the world.

    • Elyon, your sentences have brought me immense joy this afternoon.
      You are truly a skilled writer. Not only have you transported me to another world with these words, I also had chance to hear your voice in my head as I read them.
      The BRW Spirit is still strong with you Elyon!
      Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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