The Firework Maker’s Daughter – Week 3!

Good Morning Year 4!


I hope you are all well and ready for the next chapter of our class read.

Here are your plans for this week…..

Y4 English Week 3 FMD

You know how much I love to read your writing…. Please publish your work below πŸ™‚

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  1. I think that the full moon ceremony was a busy place with lots of pirates including Rambashi. There would have been lots of food , drinks and pirates dancing. This would not have been necessarily a good or happy place because all of the pirates would have been angry and would have been and bad.

    • Excellent! Well done Hollie! Tip for next time – use some expanded nouns phrases (adjective, adjective noun)!

  2. Hi Mrs Henderson chapter 3 was really interesting.I love the part when Tulak and Hamlet play Elephants footsteps and then quietly sneak out to the Emerald lake.

  3. Here’s my 5 new words.

    I’m looking forward to this weeks WOW word and my description of Rambashi will follow .

    Chukar enjoyed being a freelance agent. The publicity would help make Hamlet, be less melancholy and be back to his normal dominating self and be exquisite once more.

    • Hi Nathan! I can certainly spot some wonderful vocabulary here! Exquisite is a truly….well…exquisite word πŸ™‚

    • Fabulous Freya! Great choices! Now find out their meaning and have a go at using them in 5 separate sentences! You can do it!

  4. Here are my five new words: defile, rebuked, daubed, marquee, dominated.

    The crowds attending the full moon festival were careful not defile the sacred ground. Anyone found to be disrespectful of this special occasion would be severely rebuked . Rambashi and his pirates were among the chaotic crowd and looked fierce with war paint daubed on their cheeks. With the others they surged forward towards the magnificent marquee. This marquee was so huge that it dominated the sky line.

    • Some well-chosen words, carefully used words here. I love how you’ve created a mini description too!

  5. I would describe Rambashi as a hapless chicken farmer, turned into a rogue, comical pirate. He tries to be fearsome, so that others dread him and he demands leadership. But, actually he’s quite funny and caring, protecting Lila and giving free meals, using publicity on Hamlet to promote the meals.

  6. Harry went to the doctors complaining of sore arms and legs and fatigued, the doctor diagnosed scurvy. I brought an item online, the transaction was successful. I was cold melancholy and dull. I was wandering around the mansion restless. The marquis of notingham had 20 acres surrounding his manner.

    • Wow Charlie – there are some adventurous words here! I like the sentence about wandering around a mansion restlessly. I think this would be a good story opening!

  7. Rambashi is a caring loving person to lilla although hes a pirate he dosn’t do much harm and he is actually quite funny and he give nice meals to others so i would describe him as a kind person.

    • Hi Charlie!
      I agree – I do think he shows kindness towards Lila in the story. You’re right, he’s quite funny too πŸ™‚

  8. My five words-
    Lila was introduced to the headman of the village, he invited her to the celebration. Lila did not know what the celebration was all about, but then she noticed an advertisement stapled to a tree. The ceremony was due to take place that evening she began to get restless. This gave her time to think about what punishment she may receive from her father when she returns. At the ceremony Lila and Chulak were full of compliments for the villagers, it was a beautiful site.

  9. Rambashi is a smart pirate, who pretends his boat is a river taxi which persuades people onto his boat. He seem like a nice pirate with a loving heart. I think he is a very generous pirate providing free meals to everyone in the village. Rambashi is very thankful to Lila for saving his life. In conclusion I don’t think Rambashi is your typical pirate.

  10. I have read the iron man chapter one and two the Iron Man appear out of nowhere Seagulls thought it was a big lobster or a crab the iron man crashed through a cliff all his body parts fling every were the seagulls helped the iron man To fix his body

    • Hi Chidubem! I’m so pleased you are enjoying the story – I loved the scene you are describing. Although I felt it was very eerie!
      Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  11. My five words for this week are:
    Melancholy,Cannibals,Marquee,Bashful and Terrace.

    There was a melancholy feeling on the boat.
    The pirates were so hungry they wanted to eat Lila so Rambashi thought they were cannibals.The elephant sat in a bashful pose,as a servant wrote on his side.
    At the ceremony of the full moon they had a marquee with lots of food stalls and music.
    There was a terrace where people danced festively for the ceremony.

    • Hi Thomas! Wow – you’ve made me remember just how much wonderful vocabulary there is in this chapter! Well used words Thomas!

  12. I think that Rambashi is a modern trickster because he disguised his boat as a river taxi,he also made his swords look real by putting silver foil over some wooden or cardboard shaped swords.I also think he is a desperate man for money because he wants his family to live a happy life.

    • You’ve included excellent detail from the text here Thomas! You really are a reading-detective! Well done!

  13. My five new words for this week are,

    The mighty beast had never been so surprised in his life. First one then another then yet another Crackle-Dragons, snapped and flashed and sparked and leapt at him and that was to much with a whimper, the tiger turned and fled. The pirates thought this was very funny Rambashi thought this was magnificent!. Rambashi and his pirates are good old fellows,( I can’t I be cross with those fellows, they’re like children really). Chulak asked and someone pointed along the shore to where a wooden building stood on stilts. I hope you don’t mind this little transaction Rambashi said as they walked along the jungle trail its purely business. Have you kidnapped me then? asked Lila. I am afraid so your’re going to have to hand over all of your money in a minute and then we will tie you up and hand you to ransom. This is a typical act of piracy shown by rambashi and shows that pirates and dominating and controlling.

    • A detailed and interesting description! I think someone who hadn’t read the book would get a good understanding of his character from this description Hollie. Great work.

  14. Description of Rambashi

    Rambashi came across as a mean and scary pirate but deep down he wasn’t as Rambashi was a fake as he didn’t have a real dagger. Rambashi had a kind and considerate nature as he would give money away, and offer free meals during the full moon ceremony. Rambashi was a founder of many business adventures.

    • Hi Hollie! Well done – you’ve used some conjunctions here to extended your sentences! I love it!

  15. Rambashi is a persistent, powerful pirate who leads a band of fearsome followers. He is extraordinary because of his diverse businesses and creative ideas filled with ambition. He is eager to earn money, keen to succeed and full of inspiration . These qualities make him a resourceful , adaptable leader .

    • Hi Alice!
      Firstly, let me congratulate you on your excellent use of alliteration in the first line! It really captured my attention πŸ™‚
      Secondly, great use of clear, accurate punctuation.
      Well edited and published πŸ™‚

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