The God Who Speaks

This is part of a new Year of the Word theme that the Church, Parish and schools will be celebrating!  It’s all about listening really carefully to the words in the Bible and thinking about how this shapes our lives – what we say, how we think and what we do!

At BRW, we will be celebrating, living out and sharing God’s word even more than we usually do!  This officially starts in the first week in Advent where KS2 will launch it during their Advent celebration

For now, look out for the mini green The God Who Speaks sign like this!



Every time you see one, see if you can see words from the Bible or an idea of how Jesus wants us to live!

During the first week of Advent, when we celebrate The God Who Speaks officially, there will also be a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE for everyone! Get excited for The God Who Speaks!  Watch this space!