The Greatest Show

This year, year 6 are doing a dance to the Greastest showman song This is the Greatest Show. This is a true story about man called P.T Barnum made a show that gave all people a voice, no matter their background. This is how the circus was commenced. This circus started in 1841. His circus was around for 146 years until the ring brother shut it down. For example Joice Heth – Barnum claimed that she was 1O1 years old and the nanny of George Washington! But when she died doctors declared she was only 80!

We this song for us to dance too because it links to our topic. The Greastest show on earth: How did the 19th Century America shape the World. When year 6 dance to this song it makes us feel alive. When I perform it its makes me feel alive and to take all challenges in my way! Watch out BRW – Year 6 are going to blow your mind.
Ready…Steady…DANCE !

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