1. The solid, metal figure stood proudly on the brink of the jagged rocks.The Iron Man’s broad torso stood as straight as a skyscraper in New York. Thunder rapidly spread across the ashen sky. Silently, the wind howled , moving the wispy clouds. The Iron Man said deeply, “Another stormy night…” as he stared into the distance. Gazing across the ocean, his beaming infra-red eyes searching like the scorching hot sun. Raging waves crashed onto the mossy rocks. Frothy breakers flowed onto the white sand. As hard as bedrock, the Iron Man tumbled down the cliff…

  2. His gigantic,Metal figure looked out into the distance over the mirror like ocean.Ashen ,grey clouds loomed over the limpet covered rocks. Imposing, indigo azure waves crashed loudly against the jagged rusty rocks.Cautiously,the burly giant twisted on the silver brink of the menacing ghostly sea.Beside the iron man, bruised, overcoast ,sky wrapped around the choppy sea like a canopy of darkness.

  3. The bruised, ashen clouds rocked slowly across the Atlantic Ocean.His crab-like fingers whistle noisily. The soft ivory seagulls squark and coo.The bulky figure stumbled down the cliff side as the waves nibbled at the Sandy beach. Looming, the furious robot took one step towards the angry breakers. Softly, the light illuminated the gargantuan torso whilst the jagged rocks glistened.The wind raged an the gulls circled lurking for their prey.

    • I liked the way you have described the clouds. It gives it a sinister tone. Well done. Mrs MM.

  4. As the sun came up , the hollow eyes started looking menacingly into the distance. His rectangular torso was shaped like a American fridge. The waves were crashing towards the chewing sand on the beach. As the Iron Man climbed up the rocky cliff he shouted “AAARRGH”! with great pain! The towering metal statue stood on the rocky cliff. The rocks of the rocky cliff were very sharp and it was easy to slip off. Although the rust figure was enormous, nobody noticed

    • You have created a menacing Iron Man figure with your descriptive writing. Well done. Mrs MM

  5. Gazing across the mirror-like ocean, his beaming infrared eyes shimmered in the late evening sun.Unexpectedly, a harsh burst of lightning bolts struck the fierce rippling waves. Towering waves crashed and bashed against the shoreline while the breakers chewed away at the sand. Silently, wind sang through his iron fingers as the light clouds drifted above the sky. The clouds looked like fluffy cotton wool floating across the bruised sky. Behind the jagged, sharp rocks, a flash of thunder blazed down the black skyline. The Iron Man stood proudly on the brink of the jagged rocky cliff. The bulky figure stumbled down the rock-solid cliff. Screaming for, “HELP!” he lay and watched as the sky changed.

  6. The atmosphere was rumbling with thunder, whilst the gigantic metal man stood proudly.His gigantic torso was as rusty as a old car driven through mud.The bruised, ashen clouds rocked slowly across the Atlantic Ocean.The soft , ivory seagulls squared and cooed. His crab like fingers whistled as the wind blows noisily through his fingers.Looming,the furious , ferocious robot took one step towards the angry beakers.The bulky figure stumbled down the cliff side as the waves nibbled at the Sandy beach…BOOM!

  7. The wind raged and gulls circled looking for there diner . The giant said in a deeply “a notherstormey night “.His bedrock trunk was enormous as a large skyscraper in Kuwait. The furious ferocious robot took one step towards the angry breakers.His crab -like fingers wiggled as the wind blows noisily .The bulky figure stumbled down the cliff side as the waves nibbled at the Sandy beach.

  8. The Ironman was standing on the brink of the cliff the gulls looking for there pray circling the Iron man the cliff was jagged his crab like fingers whisking the wind was blowing noisily the soft vory seagulls squar and coo the ballty figer e stumbled down the cliff as the waves nibbled at the sandy beach . Softly the light lomimtated the torso of the iron man As the wind flowed down his arm he stumbled upon a rock and stumbled down the cliff his fingers fell off , his feet fell of , and hiss ears riped of .

    • Goodness me Riley, I did not expect that ending. I am so impressed with the imaginative paragraph you have created here – well done. Mrs MM.

  9. On the brink of the cliff, the iron figure stand gazing into the distance, as his infrared eyes glowed in the late evening breeze.The sky was dark but his voice mumbled “Another stormy night”.The waves crashed and the breakers splashed as the mega metal man stood proudly.Cautiously,the monstrous giant twitched as he stared at the menacing, ghostly sea.When the lightning strikes, the seagulls coo, and zoom off when the get called.Minute by minute, hour by hour the moon glows as bright as the sun.The fierce giant darts down the as if he’s running 100km.Suddenly,the imposing figure collapsed with a THUD, never to be seen again…

    • Wonderful writing both of you. I especially like the ‘imposing figure of the Iron Man you have created here. Mrs MM.

  10. Such beautiful imagery and well chosen vocabulary children! I am very proud of your carefully, crafted creations! Make sure you share them with your families 🙂

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