The New Animal Welfare Officers

Hi our names are Grace and Erin, we want to talk about how to look after our hens because it is really important to. The hens are BACK! Happy, healthy and most importantly safe! Now that the hens are back we need to make sure that every one helps to make sure that they are happy and healthy! To do this, a timetable has been given to every class with their days to do the hens! Please do not forget your day to do the hens because then they might not have enough food and water (this is also very important if your class’s day is Friday)! When it is your class’ day to do the hens here is what you need to do:

Is feed them,

Remove droppings and put them in the bin or in compost,

Top up the water and food,

Clean out the nesting box,

Put clean shavings into box and drooping tray,

Clean the glug,

Check for worms,

And most importantly, make sure that you still have the RIGHT NUMBER OF HENS!!!

Thank you! It is EGGcellent to have this Job!


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