The Next David Attenborough(s)?

We have been reading a modern classic book in Year 6: Holes by Louis Sachar!

It is filled with mystery, adventure and a deep message about equality and justice.

Another important feature of the book is the frequent mention of some rather fictional-sounding lizards – the ‘Yellow Spotted Lizard’. We were inspired by Chapter 8’s detailed description of this creature. We have a couple of David Attenborough fans in Year 6, so we combined our love of ‘Holes’ with our love of ‘Planet Earth’. Here’s what we came up with!

See if you can identify the formal, credible tone. Can you hear the passive voice, complex sentence structures and extra detail?

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  1. Well done A-Team!
    We recognised a factual, formal tone and we noticed you didn’t use any contractions (which matches this type of text). We liked the specific vocabulary you used and the way you adapted previous texts.
    From the Busy Believer Bees 🙂

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